I cannot get into the details right now, but the basics are these:

1. No mainstream bookseller would carry VA; they would order it if a customer so desired. This is an indirect form of banning a book.

2. VA could not be openly shipped into England, as we had to write like a child in addressing the parcels or they would be returned.

3. Amazon only sold used copies and my publishers never shipped to Amazon.

Interesting! Saussy’s ROE was sold in every major retail outlet, including Barnes and Noble. VA was never allowed on the shelf. I wonder Why?

I trust this is helpful.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

Bro. Eric has devoted much time in exposing the Beast system and he’s helped to
advance our understand of who the Luciferian’s are. Let’s show him our appreciation by
placing in our email signatures links to his site and if possible that of sites where his
book can be ordered. (Yahoo refused mine. Will find one they haven’t yet attacked.)
Next up put them in your blogs.

This also goes for linking Craig’s site. It’s the best source of information I’ve found
online. (Not patronizing you Craig.)

Note: Barnes and Noble may have placed a ‘dissenter’ near by to ‘protest’ their selling
of the Satanic Bible.


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