The Blackmail Business

Skolnick – The Blackmail Business – Pt 1

By Sherman H. Skolnick

What really makes the world go round? What is the key factor in foreign relations? What is the important consideration for the aristocracy in deciding who, if anyone, is to run for high office? What is it that the liars and whores of the press do not like to publicly discuss?

If you are that rare person, an independent thinker, somehow not already brainwashed, you guessed it! The Blackmail Business. A potential candidate for high position must first of all, be blackmailable. So that if he or she were to ever later have an independent thought cross their mind, the Establishment, the Ruling Class, “the powers that be”, whatever you call THEM, could pull on the chain and discredit and silence their chosen stooge.

One of the most significant investigative journalists of the 20th Century was George Seldes. Fortunately for those who like to read his works, Seldes lived to be over 100 years old. One of his books, originally out in 1935, was “Sawdust Caesar—The Untold Story of Mussolini and Fascism”, at a time when, unlike now, there were numerous more independent book publishers.
In telling about the iron fist way of ruling, Seldes told how the New York Times printed monstrous lies by way of promoting and whitewashing Mussolini, dictator of Italy. Joining with the New York Times in sanitizing Mussolini, called “Il Duce”, was British Intelligence, according to Seldes. Because Seldes exposed this major U.S. newspaper, the New York Times vowed to never mention him in their publication.

[On a lesser level, the Chicago Tribune vows never to mention me anymore. Why? The Tribune is angered how I finger their criminaltiy, going all the way back to Al Capone. “Scar Face” in 1930 was hired by the Tribune as a supposed “labor consultant”, to terrorize Tribune workers on strike. Likewise in 1986, the Tribune used mafia goons, with attack dogs, to rip the workers away from their machines in a looming strike. We were about the only ones daring to mention this. Scroll down our website for a related story about the Tribune.]

[Our weekly non-commercial public access Cable TV program at times out-pulls the Tribune’s Channel 9, WGN-TV, causing them to lose ad-bucks. Also the Tribune got plenty sore when our tv program spotlighted their highest paid columnist, John Kass, as a reputed blackmailer in with the Mob, similar to the Tribune’s Mob-linked star reporter, Jake Lingle, who was blown away about 1930.]

In his book mentioning his early years, George Seldes tells how he worked for a newspaper. His editor ordered him to go and dig up a scandal on a local department store. In coming back to the office, Seldes was ordered by the editor to type up two carbon copies of his story. He found out later that the newspaper advertising manager took one of those carbon copies and visited the bosses of the store. Seldes’ proposed story was used to strong-arm a lucrative advertising contract out of the store owners. Of course, Seldes’ factual story, scandalizing the store, was never published.

[Incident mentioned in “Tell the Truth and Run” by George Seldes. His life’s work he detailed in “Witness to a Century—Encounters With the Noted, the Notorious, and the Three Sobs” was written when Seldes was just short of 100 years old.]

Some years ago, NBC Television network’s outlet in Chicago, Channel 5, WMAQ-TV, was sore that Sears Roebuck & Co. changed their advertising policy. Headquartered in Chicago, Sears decided to cut back on TV ads and do more print ads. To motivate Sears to resume television ads, Channel 5’s so-called “investigative team” put together a series on the tube. They showed that Sears reportedly used their security personnel to mistreat people, many apparently Afro-American. Sears got the message. They resumed tv ads on Channel 5.

Likewise, Wal-Mart had a policy to use few, if any, television commercials. One of the television networks set about to correct this. The electronic blackmailers told a little bit, not too much, how Wal-Mart strangles and destroys local business. And how in one part of the nation, some local people started a campaign against Wal-Mart. The discount monster, headquartered in Arkansas and reportedly started with Rockefeller secret funding, and relying on cheap if not slave labor from Red China, relented and began some tv ads.

[Numerous related details in our website series “Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police”.]
Starting long before Internet became popular, and the advent of public access Cable TV, we used a group of phones to play a recorded message of our work. A food store chain in the Chicago-area has been “Dominick’s Finer Foods”, originally owned reportedly by Cleveland-based mobsters. We interviewed a close relative of the family members who then owned the food chain. On tape, he told how CBS’s Chicago outlet, Channel 2, WBBM-TV, blackmailed them to force them to sign a highly profitable advertising contract.

Channel 2’s so-called “reporters” in one outlet of the then 68-store Dominick’s chain, found one package of mis-labeled meat. On their evening news, Channel 2 trumpeted this as if they had uncovered a massive fraud. They even told how they reported this to the U.S. Attorney in Chicago (not mentioning that office is most always headed by a highly-politicized, most always corrupt office holder fingering weaklings not major corporate criminals).

On tape, we confronted the head of CBS’s Broadcast Division. He alleged he would look into this situation of one package of ground meat erroneously labeled. He was angered when I mentioned that shaking down stores for advertising contracts is a long-time historical policy in the mass media. He told me he is not going to inquire into any historical policy of the press.
Like the Chicago Tribune, CBS Network and their local outlet in Chicago, put me on their s–t list. For example, in 2001 was published a book detailing how I as head of our investigation and research group opened up the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history, causing the downfall of Illinois’ highest tribunal, the Illinois Supreme Court. “Illinois Justice” by Kenneth Manaster.

Notice how CBS reacted. They were figuring maybe to run a few minutes locally and/or on the network about the book. On the cover of the book is a picture of me talking to John Paul Stevens, a lawyer appointed at the time of the 1969 scandal to present my charges to a special state commission. He became thereby famous and ended up as where he is at the time of this writing, Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. He wrote a forward in the book, saying something good about me, a rare thing for a member of the judiciary to do about a judge-buster like me.

CBS more or less wanted me to agree to have them cut me off the picture. Nowadays, they remove someone from a picture almost completely untraceable, by a digital process, not as crude as taking a scissors and chopping me out. Of course, I could not agree to such.
Then there is the outfit some call Canned Noodles News, stale squishy stuff, CNN. They like to somehow persuade the War-Mongering Department to give CNN some exclusive role in covering a war-like situation. With the escalating war-talk about invading Iraq, CNN reportedly wanted to influence the Pentagon and the White House. But how?

So, early in September, 2002, CNN repeatedly announced for hours and hours, that they were going to present that night, a documentary by Connie Chung. They said the subject was going to be the role of the Bush Family in the Skull and Bones Secret Society. CNN advertised that just about the time of my exclusive stories about how George W. Bush was being blackmailed by certain doings by him, part of homosexual satantic rituals, part of the way members are initiated in Skull and Bones in their window-less building, called The Tomb, on the campus of Yale University.

The CNN program never went on the air. It apparently was cancelled. A question remains, of course, whether the mere mention of such a controversial phantom program was to extract and strong-arm some exclusive favors for CNN out of the Bush Family War Department. [In the Illinois legislature, it is long-known they introduce phantom legislation, called “Fetcher Bills”, designed to extract blackmail money by threatening to proceed to pass such laws damaging some industry or commercial group.]

[Visit our website series, “The Overthrow of the American Republic” particularly parts 14 through 17 inclusive.]

There certainly are other examples of media blackmailing. Also,visit our website story “Buying A Media Job”. And “Liars and Whores of the Press”, how some reporters are pushed to the top for covering up political assassinations, a form of blackmail.

Threatening to run a television program to dirty up someone of high position, some stooge of the aristocracy like George W. Bush, is just another way of using a carbon copy of a typed up story scandalizing a Department Store. George Seldes, as mentioned, learned about this rotten procedure early in his journalistic career.

Over the years some radio stations had a group of good-hearted volunteers who answered and wrote down consumer complaints during certain hours of the day. Such as grievances that certain stores refused to properly give refunds for defective goods. Such as certain businesses and stores charging much more than the already advertised price of certain items. Such as complaints about shoddy merchandise not remedied by certain merchants.

The volunteers in good faith made notes of the incoming consumer complaints and turned them over, as they were instructed, to certain key employees of the radio station. Here is what we found out later from some of the volunteers who began quietly inquiring what was happening with the consumer complaints. Some advertising sales people at the radio stations used the complaint data to urge various businesses to clean up their images by contracting with the radio stations to run one minute commercials, at about two hundred dollars per minute for each time the ad ran on the air. Those who did not buy ads were given an implicit warning that the station may run a series on consumer complaints, which, of course, never ran.

No one in government authority was interested in what some of the volunteers compiled. Namely, the volunteers were misused to shakedown certain merchants to get radio advertising by the radio stations threatening to scandalize such businesses.
More coming.

Stay tuned.

The Blackmail Business Part 2

by Sherman H. Skolnick

There should be a course in college called “Blackmail 101”, giving you the principles of the subject, a reality in a real world. In reading this, consider you have enrolled in the same.
First things first. There are DEVILS. And who are they? To simplify, let us call them the aristocracy, or a split faction of the same, or the Ruling Class or ruling elite, or the Establishment, or the “Powers-that-be”, or just THEM. If you have no clue as to THEM, then I, as your instructor, hereby send you back to read my website series, “The Overthrow of the American Republic”. IF you are too busy to read the same, or not so inclined, then I hereby unclick you from this website. That is, you have flunked out. [Tending to be polite, I will NOT call you naive or a know-nothing.]

[1] Major and even minor powers, are inclined to be devils. For instance, France, which more than two centuries ago, helped in repelling the British and aiding in founding this nation, are not innocent babes.

A study of history shows that France was more or less x’d out of a real role in grabbing parts of the Mid-East, for imperialist and oil-soaked reasons. A simple answer is that the Brits, historically enemies to French colonial powers and other French aims, kept them out. The French sarcastically called them “limeys” and the Brits hurled insults against the “frogs”.
No, we have not forgotten about Lebanon and a few other items of history.
[2] When it came to the era leading up to Persian Gulf War Two, the French demanded a piece of the action. All the while, the American media, almost all pro-British, kept insisting the U.S. wishes to invade Iraq “for the Iraqis own good, to free them from their dictator Saddam”. Left out, of course, is that the American CIA, to counter the Communist Party of Iraq, installed Saddam Hussein, using him in the beginning, 1959, to assist the American CIA’s assassination squads. [United Press International’s story about secret background of Saddam, started circulating about the time of Gulf War Two–why were we not told THIS much earlier?]
[3] The FRENCH CIA has gathered substantial data for financial and other blackmail of the U.S. A few examples:

===Members of the French secret political police infiltrated the two or more plots to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Such as, the aborted plot, two and a half weeks before Dallas, to murder JFK at a football game in Chicago. [Our April, 1970 Chicago Federal District Court lawsuit on this subject, with eleven documents, stolen from the U.S. National Archives, received almost no attention from purported assassination researchers busy selling their own books lint-picking which way the bullets went in Dealey Plaza.]

===The French CIA has a suppressed film, apparently never previously shown, documenting the Dallas shooting of JFK from a storm sewer concealed on the railway embankment. Newsfaker Dan Rather was standing in the shadows right near the railway overpass, right near one of the military-style, triangulating fire, shooters. Covering up political murders is a way to get to the top of the Ruling Class’s spy-riddled media.

===The French secret political police have video tapes proving Daddy Bush was in or near Paris, October, 1980, working his treasonous deal with Iranian mullahs, to delay the release of the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages, to wreck Jimmy Carter’s bid for re-election —blocked was the GOP dreaded “October Surprise”.

===The French have proof that TWA Flight 800, scheduled for Paris from New York, was shot down by missiles from an Iranian submarine, bought from the former Soviets and with a Russian mercenary crew. Among those who perished, were 60 French nationals, eight of whom were part of an elite group of the French CIA. (Their team leader, perhaps warned, refused to get onboard flight 800, and thus survived.) The French hold back this data to blackmail the U.S. Justice Department from prosecuting 14 French nationals in the U.S. that were to be charged with stealing U.S. financial and industrial secrets (through Chicago).

[4] With the apparent connivance of the French, aided by Moscow boss Putin, Saddam Hussein has purportedly been concealed outside of Iraq. CBS Market Watch, their website financial service also picked up by some CBS radio outlets, on 4/22/3, broadcast that unsubstantiated reports contend Saddam Hussein was in custody. Why did CBS’s boss, Viacom, want that story to run just briefly? Simple. For financial speculation and blackmail. CBS bosses have been on the wrong side of stock index gambling. It helped CBS news gamblers, idle part of the day anyway, get out of their wrong bets on the markets.

[5] The French, in an apparent reversal of position, will go along with U.S. plans to seize Iraqi oil, considered the second most reserves on the planet, to act as collateral to support the U.S. debt structure running out of control. In a secret deal, the French have been promised about 30 per cent of the Iraqi “oil action”, their cut of the stolen petroleum treasure.

[6] And who are the INDEPENDENTS? Simple. Those without financial hang-ups prevalent in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press. A recent website series, called Gatekeepers, as to CIA financing of much of the so-called “liberal” alternative media outlets, like Pacifica Radio, the Nation Magazine, and such, shows there are very, very few sizeable operations in the alternative media. [Scroll all the way down our website to our story about CIA Fronts, financed by CIA-linked foundations, done through several levels by way of deception.]

So, in learning about the Blackmail Business, the major enterprise on planet Earth, the forces are not the Devils versus the Angels but the Devils versus the Independents.
While this is happening, two major Russian oil companies have at the same time merged, making them the reputed fourth largest Big Oil on the planet.

[7] More details of what the French have, ready, if they consider it necessary, to blackmail the Bush White House:

===Data tending to prove Daddy Bush was directly implicated in the plot to snuff out President John F. Kennedy and afterwards, use Nazi war criminals, then resident in the U.S., to assassinate upwards of 300 witnesses by way of cover-up. Others have documented the Nazi past of the Bush Family, such as George W. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott S. Bush, Sr., helped install Adolf Hitler; such as the Nazi war criminals that assisted George Herbert Walker Bush’s rise to power.

===French television have, ready at any moment to be telecast, a two-hour documentary, proving the Bush fraud in bribing DEMOCRATS in southern Florida to stop the recount showing Gore was the winner and got the Electoral College vote over and above Gore’s nationwide popular plurality of 600,000 votes. AND, how the five majority on the U.S. Supreme Court were corrupted, to install Bush, Jr., as the occupant and resident of the White House. To be candid, Gore is the duly elected BUT NOT INAUGURATED PRESIDENT.

===The French have followed up on our exclusive story about the pedophile/homosexual underground, showing George W. Bush, cavorting with his long-time male sex-mate, is violating National Security, in that the Red Chinese Secret Police are using such details to blackmail financial, industrial, and yes, military secrets out of Bush. [ Visit our website series, “The Overthrow of the American Republic”.]
In future parts of this series, more to learn and understand about “The Blackmail Business”. One cynical type, off the record, asked if we would quickly aid him to blackmail his former business partner. I guess he did not get the point that we should be considered among the independents not among the devils.
Stay tuned.

The Blackmail Business – Part 3

The Box Fund

by Sherman H. Skolnick

The caller said she worked in an important government office. And that she was terribly discriminated against. She needed an attorney, she said.

I explained our longtime policy. “We are not in the ‘lawyer’s business’,” I told her. “We spend much of our time for years now in investigating and fingering corrupt judges and lawyers. We do not wish to be put in a position of vouching for some lawyer who might mishandle your problem. And next month, you might want to find another lawyer to sue the first one for malpractice,” I explained as sympathetically as I could.

“Lawyers and judges that we spotlight are often thrown away by The Establishment. Why? A crooked judge that cannot keep his dirty business quiet is a detriment. The local prosecutor suddenly reminds himself that the judge cheats on his income tax and soon the judge or lawyer is on the way to prison. The mafia likewise gets rid of any of their members who create ‘noise’, and the crooked judge or lawyer is thrown away like an old, useless shoe,” I added. Sarcastically I said “No decent crook would continue to bribe a noisy judge”. (Decent crook? Ha, ha.)

She said it was a terrible discrimination, so I said I and a lawyer I know, over lunch, would listen to her plight. I told her I do not want to get involved if she takes the lawyer’s advice later.

While eating, she told us she worked in the Treasurer’s office of a government agency. Sort of a combination of the mailroom and the money room, she added.

“What do you do there?” I said, seeking more data.

“Well, we open in-coming mail, primarily checks made out to the Treasurer,” she explained. “So, what is the problem,” I asked, not knowing the answer (a careful interrogator during a trial never asks a question, however, without knowing the answer which might otherwise be a surprise).

“There is a large box underneath the table where several of us work. The office policy is to throw a certain per centage of the checks into the box. Several of us throw the checks into the same box”, she elaborated, with me evidently having a puzzled look on my face. Naively, I asked “So the box of checks is then sent to another part of the office to be added up and otherwise processed?”

I was astounded by her answer. “No, it is for the office ‘float’ ,” she added. “We use the checks for about three weeks before posting the amounts to people’s accounts.”

“Now wait a minute, what are you saying?” I asked. “The office has a friend in the large downtown bank where the office boss has an account. So, for about three weeks we benefit from the interest that accumulates on the money from the checks. If someone has the use of millions of dollars for three weeks, it can be a nice sum,” she said as if it were an everyday event.

“Well, so what is the problem? The office crew splits up the money delayed by ‘the float’, ” I asked. “Yes, but some of the other women throwing checks into the box with me do not like me. So I don’t get my share of the interest on ‘the float’ . It is a terrible discrimination against me. Where is my portion?” she adds very matter-of-a-factly.

The lawyer became impatient and finally added his comments. “What you describe is against public policy. You are the same as part of a bank robber gang that is gypped out of your split on the stick-up. The law frowns on such doings and offers no remedy in court against fellow criminals,” the lawyer explained.

“But the money is not embezzled, you understand. It is just delayed. Three weeks later it ends up in the Treasurer’s account,” she protested, “Those throwing the checks into the box under the table are not stealing anything, just delaying the money getting to the Treasurer’s account.”

After further questioning and discussion, it finally dawned on me why nothing is done about this hanky-panky. The Office Boss’s secret ‘float’ account for the accrued interest on the delayed funds, is in a major downtown bank. And who was at the time the major owner of that bank? Why, the Chief Judge of the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago, Walter Cummings, Jr., who was at the same time, “a man of trust” for the Vatican and the Catholic hierarchy in America, pledged to secretly and quietly handle Church transactions. According to Italian authorities, the Continental Bank (now part of Bank of America), was interwoven with the dealings of the mafia. Pope John Paul THE FIRST tried to stop these doings but was murdered by a poisoned cup of tea, 33 days after becoming Pope. [See the protest of Italian news editors, in the book “In God’s Name”, by David Yallop.] Traditionally, the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago is also the Treasurer for the Church for the entire Western Hemisphere. [We later determined that there were “donations” to the Archbishop’s Fund from the take from “the float”.]

I could see that she did not like the lunch she ordered. And she did not like the advice she got, that she cannot sue somebody for cheating her out of her portion of the money developing on “the float”. Is this an isolated example?

The luncheon meeting was in a busy restaurant near government office buildings. I am supposed to be “clever”. But I think I got hoodwinked. Was this disgruntled office employee, meeting a whistle-blower like me, in a public place, using the event to blackmail her way into “the float”?

Some number shufflers may have their own little rotten game. In the financial trade, even routine transactions can often amount to millions of dollars. And the dealings are often hurried and made by some under great stress to take advantage of some financial up or down in the markets, or mass media types speculating, with complete immunity, on inside financial data [so you think network types are busy with news all day? Ha, ha. Ask them about their broker in Singapore that they call on their network boss’s telephone expense.]

Some call it the “Double Click Racket”. Suppose the deal entered is for several hundred futures contracts on a certain item. If the bet is the market is going to go down, then the contracts are puts. If guess is for the market to go up, they are labeled calls. Some think the entry into the computer of the transactions are sometimes intentionally screwed up. After the put contracts are entered, there is a supposed “glitch” (intentional?) where a large number of opposing contracts are also entered. It could be used to strongarm a questionable agent to cough up some under the table “gift” to avoid falling over the cliff into a wreck.

Two very active markets in Chicago are the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The Bush White House and the Federal regulatory authorities are stone-walling on evidence that they have relating to prior knowledge of 9-11.Some hotshots on the “Merc” and the CBOE apparently got advance knowledge from foreign intelligence sources who tried to tell the Bush White House of the coming attack on Lower Manhattan. Bush did not want to know. Apparently George W. Bush was simply following orders to keep his nose clean and out of geopolitical problems by his supervisor and boss, Daddy Bush.

Millions and millions of dollars were reportedly made by those with advance knowledge who bought puts on two airline stocks, AMR (American Air Lines) and UAL (United Air Lines), as well as several overseas re-insurance companies carrying the excess coverage on the twin towers of the World Trade Center. [George W. Bush’s younger brother Marvin, seldom mentioned in the news, was a director of an insurance company, Houston Casualty Company, that apparently had insurance on the twin towers but reportedly cancelled their coverage prior to 9-11. Marvin Bush was also a director of another firm that had part of the security coverage for the twin towers. Check for related items.]

Some computer jockeys reportedly “Double Clicked” the pirates on the Merc and the CBOE who were ahead by millions and millions of dollars on the secret prior 9-11 knowledge. Call it a shake-down, Call it a sweet double-cross. Call it blackmail. Obviously, the swindlers on the Merc and the CBOE cannot sue in court for whatever part of their scheme did not work perfectly because of “The Double Click”. Those familiar with law, would simply describe it as contrary to public policy for any damage suit to be heard. That is, like bank robbers on the way from the job, wanting to sue a crooked cop who beat them up and stole part of the robbery proceeds.

Some of the bigdealers on the Merc and the CBOE have been shaken down by the Bush White House, because of the “Double Click” racket. So, they are motivated to kick in big for Bush’s 2004 election fund.

By the way, just prior to 9-11, was the book “Body of Secrets” by James Bamford, containing the documents just then released of the 1962 scheme called Northwoods Project. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and others wanted to instigate the basis for invading Castro’s Cuba. To rile up ordinary Americans, planes with Americans onboard were going to be sabotaged, violence, murder, and mayhem, were to occur all over the U.S., to be falsely blamed on Castro. To see how Northwoods was the blueprint for 9-11, just get a copy available on some websites, and change a few words, and it is the plan for September11, 2001.

[Note: sometimes some of our stories are posted on sooner than our own website. Click on MAIN PAGE, left hand side of that, where it says Columnists Sherman Skolnick.]

Blackmail Business – Part 4

US And Israel In A Real World
By Sherman H. Skolnick

There are ways of describing happenings in simple to understand but blunt terms. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press has too many financial hang-ups, however, to do so.

The American/British oil cartel created the situation now called Israel. Namely, they induced Jews to occupy what Jews historically considered their Homeland, a narrow piece of land, so small it does not show on many maps.

It is surrounded by religious enemies of the Jews, namely the Arabs. This was a perfect set-up to keep the Jews and Arabs perpetually fighting each other without a simple remedy. Why? So that Big Oil can control the areas where there is oil under the deserts, by keeping the Arabs on the surface of such places forever off-balance.

The Israelis as a consequence are forever battling the surrounding Arabs. In a real world, where do you get the money to keep up a huge Military force for such purpose? Simple. By blackmail, used by most every nation, tribe, and group on the planet.

Why is the subject so little understood? Again, simple. What college or university teaches about the Blackmail Business? Who and what in the popular press openly and candidly discusses the ins and outs of the same? Name them, if you can, or if you dare.

A reality of espionage is the use of “covers” to disguise operatives. So there are espionage agents posing as churchmen, reporters, business consultants, import/export agents, and similar harmless seeming positions.

For example, Daddy Bush, unknown to many, was actually with the American CIA since about 1959. He was operating Zapata Petroleum Company, later called Zapata Offshore, with some six hundred affiliates worldwide. According to little-known stories in Reuters some years ago, Zapata’s offshore oil-drilling rigs are reportedly trans-shipment points for the dope traffic, being such platforms and machinery are beyond the coastal jurisdiction of the U.S. In a real if unknown world, Zapata was apparently a CIA proprietary firm. Later by various situations, the Bushies became Pennzoil-Texaco, with Iraq traditionally a major oil pumping point.

Dope trafficking is not effectively stopped because it is an adjunct of penetrating certain areas with dope-baron spies.
[For background, see the numerous examples in “The Strength of the Wolf—The Secret History of America’s War on Drugs” by Douglas Valentine, by Verso publishers, 2004.]

Reporters as reputed espionage operatives. Early in the George W. Bush White House, there came a time of low popularity ratings. Notice what happened.

Danny Pearl was the South Asia Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal. He was poking into dangerous areas. He was compiling data on the ISI, the Pakistan Secret Police, originally founded by Daddy Bush about the time he became the former head of the American Secret Political Police, that is, Director of Central Intelligence, sort of the umbrella apparatus of the U.S. spy community.

A little-known historical matter was of interest to the ISI as well as the Bush Crime Family. After all, the Bushies had a great financial interest in dope trafficking from Colombia and Afghanistan. Through Daddy Bush’s business partnership with Carlos Lehder, founder of the Medellin Dope Cartel. the Bush Crime Family had an interest in dope trafficking. There other interest was in Afghanistan, stemming from the CIA’s secret war, using Saudi and other Arab fighters, in an Afgnistan-based jihad, to drive out the Soviets.

[As to the Bush Crime Family’s partnership with druglord Carlos Lehder, visit our website series “The Chandra Levy Affair”, and why she was murdered to protect Daddy Bush.]

The problems started thereafter. Pakistan, with the help of the Bushies and the American Secret Political Police and their adjunct, Pakistan’s ISI, created the Taliban for other purposes. For religious reasons, Osama bin Laden, by use of the iron-fist and brutality, forced the Afghans to stop planting poppies, thus interfering with the Bushies use of raw dope to be processed in Central Europe and elsewhere.

Pakistan’s geopolitical purpose, in opposition to the Bushies, stemmed from an almost forgotten historical event. About the beginning of the 20th Century, there was a dispute between Afghanistan and what was then right on their border, namely the British Colony of India. A Treaty was arranged providing for India to give up, after one hundred years, a large portion of their land to Afghanistan, along what was then the border area.

But in 1948, after a bloody commotion, the area was taken over by what is now called Pakistan. About the time of the 21st Century, Pakistan would have to give up to Afghanistan jurisdiction a large area of Pakistan. So Pakistan created and controlled the Taliban to offset this problem.

Documents now made public, show that the Bushies decided BEFORE September 11, 2001, that they would have to find an excuse to invade and take over Afghanistan. Blaming 9-11 on Osama sending signals from a cave somewhere was a convenient BIG LIE. Like the aborted Northwoods Project, it was a home-grown matter by the crazies in the U.S. White House and Military. [The similar aborted project, 39 years earlier, was quietly mentioned in a book published just before 9-11. “Body of Secrets” by James Bamford.]

By October, 2001, the invasion of Afghanistan by the Bushies had begun. The religious fanatic Taliban having been thrown out or murdered, the Bushies arranged for the Afghanis to immediately resume, bigger than ever before, growing of poppies for dope processing and shipments to Europe.

But Danny Pearl had uncovered these details. After he disappeared, one of his family members mentioned, but not much emphasized in the monopoly press, that Danny Pearl had dual citizenship. Plainly, Danny was reputedly an operative of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad (The Institute). Danny’s wife, Mariane Pearl, was reportedly an aide if not an operative of the French CIA.

[The off and on relationship between the French Secret Political Police and that of Israel, is detailed in the book, “Every Spy A Prince—The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence Community”, co-authored by Dan Raviv, a reputed Israeli intelligence asset with CBS Network and Yossi Melman, published by Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1990.]

So to divert attention from Dubya’s low White House ratings and to prevent the treason with ISI, and dope trafficking of Daddy Bush and his crime family,from being conveyed to Israeli sources by Danny Pearl, an unidentified group was seen on disclosed pictures, chopping off the head of Danny Pearl, February, 2002.

And, if you are a typical viewer, listener, reader of the monopoly press, you concluded that disgruntled Pakistanis did it for some unspecified religious reason. Who ever mentioned that Bush-arranged assassins did it?

Another possible blackmail item to be used by Israel to extract financial gain from the Bush White House, is the European film documentary showing how the American CIA murdered more than three thousand Afghanistan Prisoners of War. So you think the torture matters are only with Iraq POWs?

So then more that two years after the Bush instigated murder of Danny Pearl, there was the situation of Nicholas Berg. A reputed expert in restoring damaged radio transmission and other facilities, and described by those who knew him as an enginnering genius; Berg had gone to Israel to study Hebrew and Arabic.
Some time thereafter. he arrived in Iraq seeking to get in on some business there.

Early reports, after Berg’s disappearance—reports that themselves disappeared—contended that in Iraq , FBI Counter-Intelligence had him at one time either in custody or under arrest. Hey, did anyone ask WHAT is FBI Counter-Intelligence doing in Iraq? With what, if anything, was Berg charged? Not divulged. He thereafter reportedly was turned over to Iraq police—were these FOR or AGAINST the U.S. Military occupiers of Iraq? Not divulged. THEY, in turn, reportedly put Berg on the street where he supposedly was snatched by unidentified persons.

Like in the Danny Pearl matter, some contended that Berg was an informant if not actual operative of Israeli intelligence, apparently seeking to uncover data useful to The Mossad for blackmailing military support money out of the crime-riddled, treasonous Bush White House.

At a low-point in the Bush White House—having to explain the apparent widespread torture of Iraqi POWs—-the monopoly press aided the Bushies in diverting attention. There was the horrible picture of Nick Berg having hooded persons pushing him to one side, amid his terrible screaming, as they sawed off his head and then were about to show it to the video cameras.

Cynical but practical remedy: urge YOUR local college or university to teach a much-needed course in the realities of THE BLACKMAIL BUSINESS, used worldwide.

More coming. Stay tuned.

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