by Sherman H. Skolnick 06/22/01

Some stories remain incomplete. Sometimes for months. Sometimes for years. In the beginning, they may sound like notes of a conspiracy theory. BUT, notice, our principal activity for more than four decades as a research and investigation group devoted to the public interest, has been fingering corrupt judges and probing political murders. We are NOT conspiracy theorists. A crooked judges does not get sent to jail, as we have caused again and again, by pie in the sky and mere philosophy. Pursuing matters accomplishes much.

Otherwise reliable sources, known to us for decades but never identified to preserve their position and safety, have urged us to pursue the following details. The story is obviously incomplete. To get the public to think differently than the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, we offer the following notes. YOU be the judge for this moment.

[1] SOME BACKGROUND. We were the first and probably among the very few to point out that Monica Lewinsky was reportedly positioned from an early age to be a Mata Hari type, to use sex to infiltrate the Clinton White House. From all the known facts, we were convinced and remain convinced, she was reportedly a creature of renegade units of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad. Apparently the acting deputy chief for North America for The Mossad was Rahm Emanuel, on and off for some six years Clinton White House Senior Advisor.

If you understand “spook” work, black bag operatives, and such, you can comprehend our assertion that Rahm was both a Clinton loyalist and a contributor to his scandals by way of manipulating him, all at the same time.

[2] Monica’s father was originally from Central America. He was ostensibly a “sleeper agent” for The Mossad. That is, an intelligence asset pressed into service when and as needed. {Monica’s father, like Chandra Levy’s father, is an oncologist, tumor and cancer specialist.]

[3] Many have forgotten that Monica was later sent by Clinton to hold a key position in the Pentagon, as assistant to the Press Chief. She traveled on occasion with one or more of the top Pentagon officials. She admits one such official got her pregnant and she required an abortion. Her purpose, as we understood it, was to infiltrate close to the top U.S. military, including the Chiefs of Staff. Her task? To try to sniff out reportedly the names and details of the small circle of flag officers, Admirals and Generals, plotting, as authorized by the Military Code, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treason. If Clinton were to have them arrested for mutiny, if they survived and were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with documented charges, for example, of Clinton’s treason with the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. [Visit our extensive website series on the “Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES”.]

As we have incorporated details in past exclusive stories, there have been some 24 of these flag officers. Ten have been assassinated, including Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, and General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. Of those who survived, they took up residence, out-of-uniform, in a Paris suburb, protected by the French CIA. So far as we can determine, we are the only ones, through our exclusive stories, to write about this subject of these very brave top military officers. Some three times during the Clinton White House they quietly returned to the U.S. Someday, no doubt a book will come out about this chapter in American history. Assisting these flag officers was former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, himself assassinated in 1996 and made falsely to seem to be a boat accident.

[4] After leaving the Clinton White House, Rahm Emanuel became a Managing Director of an alleged “investment banker”, Wasserstein Perella. Their reputed specialty? Apparently laundering funds of the Red Chinese Secret Police through the Chicago markets. [Details in various of our website stories.]

Are the following apparent events a mere coincidence, a similarity, or what?

[5] Chandra Ann Levy as she became active was about the same age as Monica Lewinsky. And some surmise, Levy was reportedly a creation of renegade units of The Mossad, but not authorized as such by the State of Israel Government.

[6] Like Monica, the reputed purpose of Chandra was to infiltrate. To use her womanly wiles to find out things. She reportedly had a boyfriend in the FBI. She became an intern in THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS, the winter and spring leading up to the date set originally, May 16, 2001, for the execution of Timothy McVeigh, described by the pressfakers as “the lone bomber”. Cynics called him “Lee Harvey McVeigh”, drawing an example of the alleged “lone assassin” of President John F. Kennedy.

[7] Ms Levy became friendly with Gary Condit, Democrat Congressman from her home district in California. He is from California’s 18th Congressional District. Plainly, Condit was reportedly in a position to know highly classified data about McVeigh and the intelligence agencies. With topmost security clearance, Cong. Condit is a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The type of data Denver Trial Judge Richard Matsch refused to require the U.S. Government to turn over to McVeigh’s Chief Defense Counsel, Stephen Jones. For Mcveigh, prior to the 1997 murder trial, Jones filed an extra-ordinary Petition in the next higher tribunal, U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit, Denver, McVeigh versus Judge Matsch, to try to compel Judge Matsch to require the data to be turned over to Jones. The federal appeals judges likewise refused. Judge Matsch, and the higher court judges, could easily be intimidated by the American CIA, reminding the judges about how several years prior, Judge Matsch’s daughter Elizabeth was apparently murdered.

Judge Matsch was the one who covered up the billions of dollars of purported embezzlement done by Neil Bush, son of the Elder Bush. The rip-off was done of and through a Denver savings and loan, Silverado. [Visit our website series, “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush” with documents attached of secret Federal Reserve wire transfers authorized by Greenspan for laundering billions of dollars, such as for Neil Bush and others of the Bush Family.] Judge Matsch saved Neil Bush from prison. The Judge’s daughter was apparently murdered in 1992, before the Elder Bush left the White House.

[8] Some contend that Chandra Levy was also friendly with key Republicans. Including reportedly a circle of White House types that include White House RESIDENT and OCCUPANT George W. Bush’s strategy chief, officially listed as White House Senior Advisor, Karl Rove. Just as some began pursuing details reportedly of this circle, others started an apparent diversion of Karl Rove on a stock situation involving a conflict of interest.

[9] Notice the time-line. “Ms Levy, a graduate student at the University of Southern California, spent the winter and early spring here AS AN INTERN WITH THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS. DURING THAT TIME, a friend introduced her to Mr. Condit, who represents Modesto, Ms Levy’s hometown. Her WASHINGTON INTERNSHIP ended on April 23. ON THE EVENING OF APRIL 30, she turned in her membership at a local health club, and the authorities say THAT WAS THE LAST TIME SHE WAS SEEN IN PUBLIC. ON MAY 6, her frantic parents, unable to reach her, REPORTED HER MISSING.” New York Times, June 22, 2001 (Emphasis added.)

May 6, 2001, was ten days prior to the original date set for McVeigh’s execution. From their unit Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune ran the following story, Thursday, May 10, 2001 “Washington–Federal law enforcement officials revealed Thursday that they had found some 3,000 pages of FBI materials that had been mislaid in the Oklahoma City bombing case, and defense attorneys for Timothy J. McVeigh immediately said they hope to win a stay of his execution scheduled in just five days”.

As the New York Times stated in referring to Ms Levy’s parents meeting with the District of Columbia’s police chief, “The Levys, wearing yellow ribbons, looked dazed and tired as they met with reporters in the sweltering summer sun, both before and after their session with the chief. They said little, leaving most of the talking to THEIR LAWYER, BILLY MARTIN, former federal prosecutor WHO REPRESENTED MARCIA LEWIS, MOTHER OF MONICA S. LEWINSKY, during the inquiry into Ms Lewinsky’s relationship with President Bill Clinton”. NY Times, 6//22/2001 (Emphasis added.)

Some find it helpful, if not convenient, though not necessarily crucial, that Condit is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

So, did Chandra Ann Levy know too much about the real background of the Timothy McVeigh matter? Through her FBI boyfriend, through her internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and through her friendship with a Congressman, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and having topmost security clearance? Did she run for her life? Was she caused to “disappear”? Persuaded to leave the U.S.? Or just snuffed out?

Former intelligence operatives contend all this is important and urge further investigation. Are they right? The story is obviously incomplete but we believe it is an important start. More coming. Stay tuned.

[Visit our prior website stories to understand the motives of Clinton/Bush Family to cover up anything linked to the Oklahoma City bombings.]


by Sherman H. Skolnick 08/20/01

The story I posted about Chandra Levy, 6/22/01, should be considered as Part One.

At that time I was about the first to raise questions as to how she somehow wiggled her way into the press office, in Washington, D.C., of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled, war-mongering monopoly press seemed to spend all their time raising only tidbits of sexual matters about Chandra and Congressman Gary Condit.

The District of Columbia authorities and the FBI, at least according to press accounts, had not taken an interest in or interviewing fellow employees of hers in that press office. Notice the time-line, tending to show the importance of where Ms Levy was an intern.

===Late November, 2000. Having earned at a California university a Master’s Degree in criminal justice and journalism, Ms Levy was given a job as an intern in a very sensitive place. [And what domestic and/or foreign intelligence agencies arranged THAT?] That was about the time Timothy McVeigh decided not to appeal further the murder conviction as to the bombing of the Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995.

In December, 2000, the Federal trial Judge Richard Matsch in Denver set the McVeigh execution date as May 16, 2001. That piece of data got lost in the press shuffle as it occurred on the same day that the “Gang of Five” on the U.S. Supreme Court installed George W. Bush as the “occupant” and “resident” of the White House. Albert Gore, Jr., having won the popular vote nationwide by some 600,000 votes, became the un-inaugurated President of the U.S. That was historically similar to the 1876 Presidential Election when U.S. troops blocked Tilden, who won the popular vote, from approaching the inauguration site where Hayes was sworn in as “President”. The Hayes forces, like with George W. Bush, stole the White House through an Electoral College vote using a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court Judge as well as corruption in the FLORIDA voting. [Visit our website stories on the year 2000 Election and Gore Vidal’s book called simply “1876”.]

===As the time ticked away toward the execution date, Ms Levy reportedly had taken a great interest in unearthing details through her press office connection. After all, as a child she used to volunteer to assist the local police in her home district. At an early age she hoped to have a career reportedly in the American CIA. The McVeigh affair was a repository of numerous secrets tending to incriminate George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and then White House occupant George W. Bush. Such as the suppressed and concealed Iraqi connection to the multiple bombings in Oklahoma City. Such as, the publicly-undisclosed FBI surveillance tapes showing in the month before the bombings, McVeigh in the company of Iraqi military officers, supposed “defectors” (actually double agents) brought into the U.S. by the Elder Bush. Two thousand such Iraqi military officers, some from intelligence units, since the end of the Persian Gulf War in 1991, have been settled, financed, and housed in OKLAHOMA CITY. Making the arrangements was the Elder Bush as President, and continuing the same with Clinton as President and then George W. Bush as White House resident.

[Visit our website related stories, such as “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”.]

===Some weeks after her disappearance on the afternoon of May 1, 2001, the FBI contends Ms Levy was last in her apartment in the District of Columbia that afternoon using her computer. [Could someone else having been using her computer, somehow knowing her password?] The FBI announced that they had retrieved, from her hard disk drive, from that afternoon, some 38 websites viewed by her. They proclaimed that none of them was important. REALLY? They said she [or was it her alter ego and ghost] had clicked on It is a website for those wishing to visit France. Maps, travel guides, and such,are given on-line. The site is reportedly also used by the French CIA to track those interested in visiting France who should, in their view, be surveilled. In our original story, we raised the questions of Ms Levy with The Mossad, Israeli intelligence, comparing the situation to that of Monica Lewinsky. A section of The Mossad has long collaborated with a unit of the French CIA, sort of an open secret.

Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff, in a supposedly exclusive story, claimed Gary Condit had an alibi for the early afternoon of May 1, 2001. Condit was supposedly in the office of Vice President Richard Cheney. And that Cheney supposedly was trying to win Condit over to the GOP position as to the electric mess in California. [Newsweek website 7/20/01.] Going back to the time Isikoff was with the sister publication, the Washington Post, he seemed to always be a reputed front for foreign intelligence and the American CIA, poo-pooing any real information as merely the ravings of “conspiracy theorists”.

Knowing a lot about him and the Washington Post as a front for the American CIA, we call him Michael ISAFRAUD. [Visit our website story, “The Late Grand Dragon of The Washington Post”.]

===A few days after her disappearance, the FBI sheepishly admits on May 10, 2001, that they somehow “forgot” to give McVeigh’s lawyers some three thousand documents. [Caused by details Ms Levy uncovered through the Bureau of Prisons?] So, the execution date is changed to June 11, 2001. There are ten media people selected to be at the death house window at the Terre Haute, Indiana, prison, to witness the execution of McVeigh. One of them, not contradicted by the others, says that “he appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow breathing, even after being pronounced dead and his eyes remained open”. Video interview on MSNBC, (video streaming,6/11/01), of Susan Carlson, reporter for WLS-AM Radio, Chicago. [Story was suppressed by most other media, including all mass media in Chicago, including apparently her own radio station.] Some doctors ridiculed the way the prison people put the go-to-sleep sedative in McVeigh’s leg, not a major upper body vein. In the leg, the sedative would take, some doctors claim, four hours to act. Hey, isn’t a go-to-sleep sedative supposed to make you do that, that is, close your eyes and go to sleep?

===July 29, 2001, some five weeks after I raised the Levy-Bureau of Prisons issue, the Washington Times publishes a story entitled “Who is Chandra Levy?” In it they state, “Her job at the Bureau of Prisons information office required her to do internet searches and scan newspapers to prepare daily news summaries, answer telephone calls and mail, and help with SPECIAL PROJECTS. IN ONE, SHE COORDINATED MEDIA ATTENDANCE AT PLANNING SESSIONS FOR THE EXECUTION OF OKLAHOMA BOMBER TIMOTHY McVEIGH.” (Emphasis added.)

The owners of the Washington Times reportedly are the Korean CIA by and through Rev. Sun Myung Moon who ostensibly launders billions of dollars from tax-dodging and illegal dealings of heavy industry in South Korea. It is more or less an open secret that Americans are seldom reminded of that. [The Elder Bush has been a paid lobbyist and consultant for Rev. Moon’s propaganda activities in South America.] By raising the McVeigh-Ms Levy issue, is the Korean CIA trying again to blackmail the American government for an advantage for South Korea? Some years ago, there was a tremendous scandal in Washington. The Korean CIA reportedly bribed or attempted to bribe, key members of the U.S. Congress. Have we all forgotten about this event? [For some years, crusading reporter Robert Parry has written stories for his newsletter exposing the clandestine dealings of Rev. Moon and his gang.]

In a moment of sarcasm, we call him REV. SUN EARTH MOON.

For some months I have been discussing this time-line on various radio talk-shows.

The McVeigh matter was not the only thing Ms Levy did using her position in the key place in the Federal Bureau of Prisons apparatus. She unearthed reportedly details tending to incriminate George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons George W. and Jeb, among others. Ms Levy was inquiring into a great little-mentioned secret. That is, the disappearance reportedly from the U.S. prison system of Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas, also known as CARLOS LEHDER. With the aid and blessings of the Elder Bush and his sons, and the American CIA, Lehder was the co-founder of the Medellin Dope Cartel in Colombia.

Lehder is the only drug cartel baron to have been extradited to the U.S. where he was put on trial on federal criminal charges, convicted, and originally sentenced to more than a life term.

Some background. In the late 1970s, Jeb Bush was installed as the head of the Venezuela unit of Texas Commerce Bank, a principal owner of which was his father, George Herbert Walker Bush. The bank unit reportedly became part of the money laundering of proceeds from the Colombia Medellin Drug Cartel co-founded by Carlos Lehder as a Bush Family business partner. The Drug Cartel was moreso headquartered in the U.S. than in Colombia. It was part of the whole CIA operation to the southern states of the United States, headquartered, in part, through an airport in western Arkansas, at Mena. The Elder Bush, his sons Jeb and George W., and Ollie North, and Bill Clinton, were all part of the operation. Guns were smuggled by CIA airflights to Central America with side-trips to Colombia to pick up huge shipments of cocaine which supported the Colombia economy moreso than coffee.

The tiny First National Bank of Mena, Arkansas, was purchased by the Riady family, ethnic Chinese tied to Bill Clinton and the Bush Family. The bank reportedly was a transmission point for the huge dope cash flow which went up to Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago. The Chicago bank for many years had as a principal stockholder Cong. Dan Rostenkowski. For years a Chairman of the Board of the Chicago bank was a reputed former U.S. Secret Service official, Dan Shannon. Rostenkowski, called Rosty for short, was closely aligned with the Chicago markets, the next transmission point of the dope loot from Rosty’s bank. That is, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and a sort of basement, step-sister operation called Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Rosty, as the long-time head of the tax-writing committee of Congress, got many “speech fees” and other benefits from the Chicago markets. He in turn pushed through almost private laws, favoring the Chicago markets with tax loopholes on straddles and hedging. So from Rosty’s bank in Chicago the huge dope cash flow reportedly was transmitted to the Chicago markets and disguised as soybean and currency trading. Assisting this in all the years was international swindler Marc Rich tied to both the Bush Family and Bill and Hillary Clinton. [Visit our website for stories on Marc Rich.]

Rosty was eventually defrocked and sent to federal prison for defrauding the private bank of the U.S. Congress.

The Medellin Drug Cartel operating through Mena and the Chicago bank and the Chicago markets, has other collaborators. On occasion when the huge shipments of Colombia dope somehow became an issue in Chicago’s highly corrupt federal courts, the Drug Cartel had corrupt federal judges to aid them. One such has been Chicago Federal Appeals Judge Iliana D. Rovner [(312)435-5608] Rovner has been part of the Jim Thompson gang of public office criminals. “Big Jim” formerly Illinois Governor has had Rovner as his legal advisor. In recent years he has been the head of the Winston & Strawn Chicago-based law firm octopus, with worldwide offices. Some years ago on our one-hour public access Cable TV Program, “Broadsides”, we told how Winston & Strawn reportedly has an inner unit, walled off from the rest of the law firm, engaging not in lawfirm work but in dope cartel matters. Several employees of the firm after the show was aired confirmed the validity of our charges.

As in the historical example of 1876, the year 2000 election was corrupted in the Electoral College phase through FLORIDA. Cocaine money from the Medellin Cartel, with Carlos Lehder and his business partners the Bush family, was the principal corrupting force. Tens of millions of dope dollars were used to work a malign influence reportedly on DEMOCRAT officials in southern Florida, to have them stop the recounting of the ballots which would have put Gore over the top on the Electoral College vote. Gore was done in by corrupt members of his own party. In politics as a reality, can you talk publicly how your party’s OWN KEY PEOPLE, by bribery, stabbed you in the back and helped the Bush Family steal the White House after also corrupting part of the U.S. Supreme Court [just like in 1876]?

The dope cartel loot used for these purposes was laundered for them by at least two Chicago-based commodity brokers funneling the dirty money through the Chicago markets. [The disguised accounts are known to some.]

You can see the tie-in to the Bush family. In the late 1970s, about the time just after the Elder Bush was the head of America’s secret political police, the CIA; a major espionage agency operative, Barry Seal operated the airplanes to bring in dope from the Medellin Cartel, with the collaboration of the Bush family, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Ollie North. The co-founders of the drug cartel were Carlos Lehder, originally from Germany, and Pablo Escobar and his two brothers. To control matters in later years, the Elder Bush arranged to have Pablo assassinated, disguised as an “arrest” situation. [For related details, see “Killing Pablo” by Mark Bowden, 2001.]

The links of Barry Seal to the Bush family and the Medellin Cartel is evident in the recent book, “Barry & ‘the boys’—The CIA, The Mob, and America’s Secret History” by Daniel Hopsicker. Carlos Lehder fought extradition to the U.S. For that purpose, he arranged to shoot up the Colombia Supreme Court Building. The Justices there were considering the extradition issue. Assassinated on Lehder’s orders were eleven high court justices and many other people. Lehder also reportedly arranged to have assassinated the Minister of Justice in Colombia.

Carlos Lehder was finally arrested and extradited to the U.S. He became a key witness in the dope trial against Panama strongman Manuel Noriega who had been seized by the Elder Bush as President and his Miliary/CIA. In his own trial, Lehder was convicted and sentenced to more than a life term. BUT, because in his testimony against Noriega, Lehder had evaded mentioning that the Bush family were implicated with Noriega in the dope business, Lehders’s sentence was reduced to 55 years in prison.

On occasion, the U.S. federal prison system can be as corrupt as the press tells us the justice system is in Mexico. Why is the monopoly press always pointing to corruption ELSEWHERE instead of right here in America? For a price, we are often told, a major criminal in MEXICO can walk right out of prison and disappear. Is the same true in the U.S.?

Chandra Levy, through her sensitive position in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, through their computers and facilities, and human intelligence contacts, reportedly unearthed a dangerous group of details related to the foregoing. For example, that the Bush Family, to protect themselves from jail, arranged for their business partner, Carlos Lehder, to disappear from the U.S. prison system. Is Lehder in Germany, courtesy of German counter-intelligence? Note, a key witness in the Oklahoma bombings, Andreas Strassmeir, part of German counter-intelligence, reportedly played a role in the bombings. He was allowed to be unlawfully in the U.S. and to disppear from the U.S., thanks to the corruption and connivance of the highest level of the U.S. government. And remember, German counter-intelligence in Frankfurt [tied to Strassmeir], had advance knowledge of the team on the way to the U.S. to assassinate Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., and make some think it was a “suicide”. [Visit our website series, “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush” Part Four.]

For the American Gestapo, that is, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to say they have no idea what happened to Chandra Levy is simply ridiculous. A deep down FBI secret is that they, early on, suspected she was being used by foreign intelligence agencies, the French CIA and The Mossad, to blackmail the Bush White House. So, the Counter-Intelligence Division of the FBI was tapping her phone. [Hey, does anyone realize that while all this is happening, the Hanssen spy case unfolds. We contend he is actually a CIA official who penetrated FBI counter-intelligence to expose a high-level mole. Hanssen somehow fell between the cracks. Visit our website story on this.]

As of now, there seem to be two possibilities. Either Ms Levy has been snuffed out to protect members of the Bush Family and their partnership with drug cartel baron Carlos Lehder and his disappearance from the Federal Prison System. With the Bush Family members if this opened up widely publicly, being subject to federal criminal prosecution for dope money laundering and treason. OR, Ms Levy is parked somewhere overseas, Paris or Tel Aviv, where her details would suddenly surface starting in some major foreign press outlet. In Europe, top officials mumble that George W. is incompetent on financial matters and foreign affairs. Overseas there has started an attack on the so-called U.S. Dollar. Are the profound secrets of McVeigh and Carlos Lehder in some small part, involved in the attack on the U.S. Dollar which some say started with the French Rothschilds?


by Sherman H. Skolnick 5/23/02

Chandra Levy disappeared about May, 2001, About a year later, her body was found in a park near her apartment in the District of Columbia. But the spy-riddled, oil-soaked monopoly press, now or ever, is in no position to tell you what may be helpful to understand what happened. Such places had been searched in the past with no results. Did someone just dump her body there recently?

From all the best sources and notebooks of private and government investigators, the following details appear to be quite correct

[1] Like Monica Lewinsky, Chandra Levy made herself available to be used by the American CIA, certain officials of which, informally and formally, act jointly with Israeli intelligence, The Mossad, as well as other spy agencies of purported friendly powers. Both Monica and Chandra were both good looking. Some subjectively contend that Chandra was moreso. Both apparently wanted to be used as a latter day Mata Hari, the World War One spy who infiltrated the highest level of certain military command structures.

Even as a child, Chandra liked to volunteer to assist the local police in her home town. Those who knew her, contend she wanted, when she grew up, to be a covert operative with the American CIA.

[2] After graduating with a University Master’s Decree, specializing in criminal justice and journalism, she somehow wiggled her way into the Washington, D.C. Public Affairs, or Press Office, of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Was it all actually prior arranged by her espionage handlers, foreign and domestic? Among other things, she helped arrange the media coverage at the prison death house for the execution of the alleged Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh. A reporter, viewing the alleged execution, stated McVeigh was still breathing when he was supposedly pronounced “dead”. [Visit Part Two of this website series.]

[3] Chandra somehow became a sexmate of Congressman Gary Condit (D., Ca.], Representing her home District. Was it a mere concidence that he sat on several committees in respect to espionage agencies, including as overseer of the American CIA, namely, on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence??In that capacity, Condit had top security clearance to be privy to closed door sessions dealing with covert operations of the spy community. As earlier stated by us, Chandra was repeatedly pumping Condit, in return for sexual favors, on details on McVeigh and other hot items. She used her position, as we have earlier stated, to find out why and how co-founder of the Colombia Medellin Drug Cartel, Carlos Lehder, somehow disappeared from U.S. Federal Prison. WIth her computer and other expertise, in a key office of the prison system, Chandra was in a perfect position to find out key details. Such matters were good for blackmail purposes against Lehder’s business partners, the Bush Crime Family.

[4] According to the secret reports of highly-skilled private and government investigators, Chandra was compiling data, for The Mossad jointly with the French CIA,on wealthy Arab businessmen, such as in the beltway. The foreign spy agencies were interested to find out, apparently for blackmail purposes, the business links to the Bush Family and others of that circle. The foreign intelligence agencies contended that the Arab makers and shakers in the District of Columbia area, used a group of beltway bedmates, some of whom, separate from Chandra, were also snuffed out.

Chandra’s task was plainly dangerous and she was clever and bright enough to know it.

Through Chandra’s knowledge of kinky sex tricks required reportedly by Condit, with or through as well the Arab hotshots, many of whom were Saudis, was Condit compromised? For example, Chandra had the task of finding out details of members of the bin Laden Family residing in the U.S., some of whom reportedly had national security contracts with the U.S. Government. AND, OSAMA bin LADEN, contrary to fake stories in the monopoly press, was not on the outs with his family that secretly funded him. Right after Black Tuesday, while all civilian aircraft were grounded, the FBI arranged by plane to whisk some 24 bin Laden Family members out of the U.S. Chandra was exploring the clandestine business arrangements of the Bush Crime Family with the bin Laden Family, as residents in the U.S. and elsewhere.

[5] For some time, The Mossad jointly with the French CIA, wanted to know what, if anything, was known by the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. and his staff, as to the murder of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., the most major political assassination of a U.S. Government official since the wipe-out of President Kennedy. The Saudi Ambassador’s mansion is located right across the road from Fort Marcy Park, Virginia, where Foster’s body was found in July, 1993. What, if anything, did the Saudi diplomat and his staff see, observe, or know about how Foster was murdered elsewhere and his body transported to that Civil War Memorial Park where it was parked as if Foster committed “suicide” there. [For Foster murder background, visit our website item “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush”, Part 4.]

[6] The lead FBI investigator in the Chandra Levy case was Special Agent Bradley J. Garrett. Notice a few details from his past Some assert he is a cover-up expert.

===Garrett was a key federal prosecution witness in the murder case against Mir Aimal Kasi. The Pakistan national was accused of murdering several CIA officials in their car, as they were waiting to enter the driveway leading into the Langley, Virginia, headquarters of the American CIA. Kasi fled the U.S. and took up refuge with his prominent family in Pakistan who reside right next to the CIA offices there, the largest CIA facility outside the U.S. Subject of a multi-million dollar “reward”, Kasi was handed over to American authorities Kasi was accused as if he committed the murders at random, when, in fact, he knew and had dealings with the victims and claimed he was double-crossed by them and they were implicated in treason against the U.S. Some of the suppressed details incriminated Daddy Bush as former Director of the secret political police.

===Garrett was as well the lead FBI investigator in the strange death of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. Garrett reportedly sought to cover-up Foster’s role, jointly with Hillary Rodham Clinton and their pal Webster Hubbell, at one time a top Clinton Justice Department official who was later sent to federal prison. Foster and these former law partners at the Rose Law Firm, were part of a worldwide espionage operation, spying on banks, friend and foe alike, through “trap doors” in bank computer services software. Garrett also covered up Foster’s secret role with the super-duper signals intelligence agency, National Security Agency, N.S.A.

===Garrett was the lead FBI investigator in the murder of Clinton White House intern, Mary Caitrin Mahoney. She was shot to death at a Starbucks Coffee Shop, right in the heart of the District of Colombia, in what some described as an intelligence agency “hit”. The investigation of her death did not really begin until a year later after we and others publicly complained that the federal authorities were dragging their feet while asserting they do not have enough staff to investigate the homicide. Garrett reportedly arranged to blame the crime later on a vulnerable nobody. When Monica Lewinsky was persuaded to visit Clinton hotshot lawyer, Vernon Jordan (accused of being himself implicated in Clinton’s criminality), she was quoted as telling the lawyer she did not want to end up “like Caity Mahoney”. Ms Mahoney was privy to serious criminality by then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.[A U.S. Secret Service Agent, assigned to checking doors, some supposed to be closed, some opened at night, contends he opened a door and found Hillary in a compromising sexual position with Ms Mahoney, a known lesbian since her high school days. He asserts that Hillary whacked him in the head with a metal ashtray. His supervisor, . the agent states, warned him he is to take care of the bleeding wound at a distant medical clinic, nowhere near the District of Colombia. A doctor heading up a medical clinic, described for us, how he stitched up and x-rayed the Secret Service agent who showed his credentials and told the doctor what had happened and that the Secret Service supervisor warned the agent to find distant medical help so as not to cause embarrassment to the First Lady. Was Ms Mahoney privy to too much Clinton White House criminality? Who all had a motive to wipe out Ms Mahoney and apparently falsely blame it on a nobody after apparently delaying a proper investigation for a year?]

So, is it a mere coincidence, that the selfsame FBI Special Agent Bradley J. Garrett was the lead investigator on the Chandra Levy matter? Ms Levy had apparently been pressed into service as a penetration agent on behalf of at least two foreign intelligence agencies, The Mossad (The Institute) and the French CIA. Note in part two of this series how on her computer she apparently clicked on a website which was an apparent b front for the French CIA. AND, THE FBI CLAIMED IN EXAMINING HER COMPUTER, that nothing important was shown there! Was Chandra compiling data for blackmail by The Mossad and the French? As stated in other of our website items, the French CIA was disgruntled about the cover up of the missile attack on TWA Flight 800. Sixty French nationals died on that flight scheduled to go to Paris, of these, eight were part of an elite section of the French CIA. AND, the Justice Department has been threatening to prosecute 14 French nationals in the U.S. on allegations of theft of U.S. industrial and financial secrets. On the other hand, the State of Israel occupies a tiny sliver of land. The British arranged in 1948 for the Jews to be there as part of Divide and Conquer, to have the Jews perpetually irritate the tens of millions of Arabs in surrounding countries. And the Arabs, for religious and other reasons, want the Jews obliterated. To defend themselves and have enough funds for their military, the Israelis may have no choice but, in a real world, to blackmail Uncle Sugar for huge grants. The British, jointly with Big Oil, including the Bush Crime Family as their stooges, use the Mid-East explosive situation to control the oilfields. How many years will it take until the details are more widely known, why, how, and when, Chandra Levy was murdered?

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