The CIA is Relocating to Denver

Written by RC Christian
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 00:00

The CIA has plans to relocate the headquarters of its domestic division, from the CIA’s Langley headquarters to Denver. According to “intelligence officials”, the relocation is designed to promote innovation.

Some $20million has already been budgeted for the relocation. The move sparks interest among the 911 truth movement and 2012 doomsdayers. Coup Media does admit that this relocation does invoke some interesting questions. Like Why? Some CIA veterans said such a relocation would make no sense, given Denver’s relativedistance from major corporate centers. “Why would you go so far away?” one asked. “They will get disconnected.” A U.S. intelligence official said the planned move, confirmed by three other government officials, was being undertaken “for operational reasons.”

The Denver move, which is tentatively scheduled for next year but has not been finalized, coincides with several other developments related to the CIA’s domestic intelligence work as well as some perhaps not so “conspiracy theories” regarding underground bases and the Denver Airport mystery.

We can only advise you to consider the correlations between planetary changes and solar risks. Perhaps we may consider relocating our news headquarters to Denver as well.

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