The Collapse of the Roman Empire — Today

The Collapse of the Roman Empire — Today

Look at the trans-Atlantic financial system. Reports from Europe and the US today reveal a financial system which is dead, with puppet masters pulling strings attached to the corpse, to make it appear to be alive. More quantitative easing, negative interest rates, a single European-wide Finance Ministry to remove any remaining economic sovereignty from the member nations — all simply trying to make the mass of worthless derivative debts appear to have some value, when they have none.

Look at the military situation. Obama’s closest allies in the Mideast, the would-be Sultan Erdogan and the feudal potentate King Salman, planning an invasion of Syria on behalf of their British controllers, frantically trying to stop the drive to victory against terrorism being carried out by the rejuvenated Syrian Army with Russian air support. The Turks last supply line into their al-Nusra and ISIS assets is nearly closed off as the government moves to liberate Allepo.

Look at the cultural collapse in the US and Europe. The greatest heroin epidemic in history is sweeping the United States, while President Obama is orchestrating an agreement with the world’s leading supplier of cocaine, heroin and marijuana — the FARC narco-terrorists in Colombia — while also legalizing drugs across the United States.

Lyndon LaRouche today made the point that the trans-Atlantic nations of the 21st Century are in the same situation as Europe in the 5th Century, with the collapse of the Roman Empire, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

Fortunately, there is a new paradigm in the world, contrary to the dying British Empire. Under China’s and Russia’s leadership, working with the BRICS and most of the nations of the developing sector, this new paradigm offers a path to escape the descent into economic hell and thermonuclear war – if the nations of the west choose to learn from them. While Obama has shut down America’s once great space program, China is building a capacity to colonize the Moon and reach out to Mars, calling on all the nations of the world to collaborate. While Obama and the British wage wars of destruction across Southwest Asia, China brings the New Silk Road development perspective as the basis for a true peace.

While Russia is facing down the terrorist scourge created by the British/Obama regime-change wars, Russia itself is threatened from without and from within. Sergei Glazyev, one of Putin’s leading advisers, has openly challenged the monetarists at the Russian Central Bank and their supporters for failing to defend the national currency, and adopting the policies demanded by the City of London — even charging that the foreign exchange market is in the hands of foreign speculators. Glazyev wisely calls on Russia to follow the Chinese model.

Will the people of the US and Europe be as wise? It is a question of creativity, LaRouche argued today. The failure of the west is not due to Mankind’s nature, but due to his corruption. Creativity is expressed in the process of awakening creativity in others, in carrying forth man’s true mission, in each generation — to create a new state of the universe. If people can be brought to recognize the reality that the world is careening into chaos and thermonuclear war in front of our eyes, then they will be capable of clearing out the killer in the White House, shutting down the speculators on Wall Street, and joining with the BRICS in building a new world order based on the common aims of Mankind.

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