The Coming “Interruption” of the British Monarchy

The Coming “Interruption” of the British Monarchy

21 Jul 2015

“The British Monarchy’s system is in serious trouble, and I think they are going to lose it, too,” Lyndon LaRouche stated today. “Just wait two weeks or so,” he advised, and what is now underway will become evident. The Monarchy’s unabashed commitment to Nazi depopulation policies, their open promotion of wiping out six-sevenths of the human race, and the attendant policy of provoking global thermonuclear war, is too much for many people, who are now mustering and making their views felt.

“History is shaped by interruptions,” LaRouche told colleagues earlier this week, not by some sort of pre-programmed “sequence” of mathematically unfolding events. We saw this in the case of Hillary Clinton’s political self-destruct last week, in her response to a question posed by an LaRouche PAC organizer about Glass-Steagall. And we are seeing it in the firestorm unleashed by the publication of an 82-year-old video and photographs of the future Queen Elizabeth II giving a precocious Nazi salute.

An article published today by the widely-ready Irish-born columnist Finian Cunningham, nails the Nazi nature of the British Monarchy—then and today. It is not a matter of an old photograph, Cunningham asserts, but

“the sinister close association that the British ruling class engaged in with fascism… The fascist tendency of the British state is still very much alive today…[He points to the]…wholesale economic destruction and plundering of Greece…[and the]…sponsoring of a Neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine…[whose intention is a]…murderous war of aggression,”

as indications of that policy.

“He’s right,” LaRouche commented. Greece has all along been a British operation.

“The British Monarchy has always had this radical depopulation approach, and Greece is an extension of that.”

However, that system, that policy, is now rapidly approaching a point of interruption. Not only is the entire trans-Atlantic system hopelessly bankrupt, and could come crashing down at any time in any number of different crisis points; but an entirely new international system is being steadily put in place to replace it. Today, July 21, the BRICS New Development Bank was officially opened in Shanghai, China, with that country’s Finance Minister Lou Jiwei announcing its mission:

“NDB’s support for infrastructure construction will effectively ease the bottleneck that has constrained emerging and developing nations for long, and will offer support for their economies’ upgrade and growth.”

That result is the British Empire’s worst nightmare—along with an accompanying return to Glass-Steagall policies in the United States and Europe.

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