10 10 2016

On the eve of Saint Louis (Missouri) hosted the second round of televised debates of candidates for U.S. President Donald trump on the Republican ticket and Hillary Clinton from the democratic party.
The debates were even tougher than the first: at their beginning, the participants did not shake hands. The results clearly trump wins: rhetoric, sound arguments, even scarlet tie once again emphasize his confidence in his own position. He was able to demonstrate consistent, thoughtful, precise, balanced realism. That stirred Clinton, who was behaving rather hysterically and quickly went to the individual.

In addition, at this time, after a debate virtually no one in American media is not talking about that trump is on the verge of elimination from the race. It is now obvious that trump will not only make it to the third round on 25 October, but likely will win on the presidential election 8 Nov.
Low blow: bet Clinton on women is not justified

Opponents of trump decided to put a sneaky hit in advance. The scandal, bloated around the old interview candidate-Republican, spoke about women could cost a lot to Trump, but in the debate he showed himself to be a confident winner. The fact that trump has never been shy to speak straightforwardly statements was not a surprise, although the media tried to inflate infopovod and tantrum on an empty place.

Information attack “below the belt” before the election absolutely clear about two points. First, that other serious charges Clinton is unable to nominate Trump. So he is doing everything right, and contrary to the globalist political mainstream. Secondly, hard and tough, and Clinton, who rely mainly on the feminist audience, trying finally to win over women voters. This shows that Mrs. Clinton is not still sure of his victory and goes to extreme measures.

Meanwhile, the theme of “below the belt” was successfully repulsed by trump, reminded of the immoral scandals with bill Clinton, who has repeatedly complained about American women. “What he did with women, never had before in all of political history in this country, is so offensive he treated women”retorted the tramp.
Former Secretary of state not seeing in his eye beams. On the eve of “surfaced” information about the Clinton, released by Wikileaks, which reported receiving six-figure sums for cooperation with unpopular bankers. Unlike subjective statements about women, financial fraud and many abuses of power would attract the attention of the Prosecutor’s office. Trump has openly declared that with him long ago, Clinton would have been sitting behind bars.
Russia trump is a friend

Clinton was generous once again to the harsh statements against Russia. It was like female hysteria. As was expressed by the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky about her “fanaticism, as the female alcoholism is not treated”.

Former Secretary of state, as before, took a position of baseless attacks. She started with calling the situation in Syria is catastrophic, what, in her opinion, to blame the “Assad regime” and Moscow. While Ms. Clinton has accused the Kremlin of hacker attacks and clung to the idea that Russia as the “enemy, foreign powers have worked hard to influence the outcome of elections” in the United States. Moreover, the invented on-the-go assumption that trump is cooperating with Russian businesses.

Aggressive and unreasonable – quite in the spirit of the current American establishment. Compare with how about Russia there trump: “I think it would be great if we got along with Russia, because we fought together with ISIS, for example. I know that every time there’s something wrong, they say (it) the Russian”.

In any case, we can say with certainty that neither the American controversy or event do not overlook the Russian factor. As if Washington tried to ignore Moscow, can’t.

“We have become the most important factor in the American electoral system. This is what I had to go with the 1990-ies, when we were thrown out at the periphery of world politics to Russia and our President have become so important factor in the discussion of the country, which, in fact, still largely determines the fate of the world. This, in my opinion, just recognition and a real victory for Russia, which goes in the direction of the multipolar world and of strengthening their own sovereignty. Therefore, it is our choices”- commented debate philosopher, chief editor of the channel of Tsar Alexander Dugin.

“The implication is that Russia can defend its identity, and the United States should not be a global policeman. Now that is actually all so worried”, added the American television Director Jack Mechanics.

Syria: Clinton spit on the terrorists

US involvement in the Syrian conflict does not affect the establishment of peace in the region. Moreover, the facts indicate that the United States themselves, and made “a bloody mess” in the middle East, creating an Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). How else to explain the fact that they are “unable” to separate its fighters from strangers and refuse from taking action on the ground?

His speech Clinton and confirmed it. She openly said that a ground operation against American troops in Syria and called for the establishment of no-fly zones and arming the Kurds – in her words, “our best friends in Syria and Iraq””. The politician said that the problems of the “crimes” of the Syrians (!), the Iranians and Russians. “There is a deliberate effort of the Russian aircraft to destroy Aleppo to eliminate the last of the Syrian rebels, which are held against the Assad regime”, – says Clinton, adding that “many are leaving Syria because of the Russian aggression”.

Meanwhile in Syria, the army of Bashar al-Assad and the Russian VKS – main fighters for peace. Assad is ready to defend Aleppo as long as the terrorists did not leave the earth.

Commenting on Clinton’s statements about supporting the Kurds and the opposition in Syria, trump said that the US is arming there people do not know. “She (Clinton) said about the rebels… We don’t know who it is,” – said the politician.

While the Republican reiterated that the main priority in the region – the fight against ISIS terrorists, than, according to him, the doing of the Syrian government, Russia and Iran. “I’m not in favor of (Syrian President Bashar) Assad. But Assad kills ISIS, Russia kills ISIS, Iran kills ISIL”, he said.

According to him, the situation is comparable to the “disaster” in Libya, in 2011 when the Washington supported the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. After that, the government for several years has lost its unity, and much of its territory was seized by terrorists.

Trump has made an entirely sensible and pragmatic position: to Moscow and Assad to co-operate is necessary if we want to defeat ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Apparently, Clinton to defeat the terrorists is not going to, and try to score points by demonizing Russia.

Democracy in the face of trump: Live free or die

Amid the raging aggressive woman who destroyed Libya, all hope for candidate-Republican trump. It is a symbol of a new American revolution. He unlike Clinton’s consistent “democracy healthy person”: if you say “free”, then say exactly what you think.

The official motto of new Hampshire – “Live free or die” (Live free or die). Whatever is said in the White house, we are not talking about political correctness or tolerance. Freedom – openness and straightforwardness. And when trump goes according to this principle, the American establishment tries to run him over and dig out the dirt. But you should consider: if the establishment dictates its performance is about the freedom program the freedom of others, is this not totalitarianism?

“The arrival of trump, so unexpected for many, is the attempt to return to realism in foreign policy. I hope that it will be successful, – says head of Department of international relations and foreign policy of Russia, MGIMO Boris Martynov. – Is a versatile person. And talented businessman, and a political realist, and says the obvious”.

“I think trump has a vision of the world and the future of America, which meets the requirements of the XXI century. They are not clear, it has no clear structure, no command, but there is a certain ability to think strategically, both in foreign and in domestic politics. Both completely missing from Clinton”, – noted Professor of political science at the University of Tennessee, USA Andrei Korobkov.

Clinton is a decline

“In her heart a huge hatred” – summed up trump’s aggressive attacks on Clinton at debate. Indeed, to remember how she called supporters of the opponent “a bunch of disgusting people”, or Satan’s laughter at the death of Gaddafi.

But apart from its moral qualities, we can see the brutal economic reality: the duty of States after the tenure of Secretary Clinton, is about 20 trillion dollars, 6 trillion was spent during the adventure in the middle East. According to trump, the money the White house could have two times to rebuild the United States.

“It’s money spent on foreign policy adventures. This is money spent to maintain the theory of exclusivity. This is even before Obama spoke, almost all after the collapse of the Soviet Union, while the United States remained as the sole superpower. This exclusivity, which hovered in the background, climbed up”, – said the shocking figures Boris Martynov.

Current US policy pursued by the administration, which included Hillary Clinton, led to the fact that America continues to lose money and jobs. Trump rightly called Clinton a globalist, which defends the interests of his country.
Photo:Yin Bogu/Zuma/TASS

Both foreign and domestic policy under former Secretary of state was a failure.Clinton really has a wealth of experience, rich connections, has a team. But amazingly dogmatic. In terms of foreign policy it died somewhere in the 1960-ies, before the start of the discharge. She still lives in a bipolar world, where terrible Russia is threatening to take over Europe. Other threats do not, or they are secondary. And in terms of domestic policy, she still lives within the system, which was created in the mid-1960s in the quota system, the sector system of privileges for certain groups.And absolutely do not want to see changes, and didn’t want to see that in the society began to grow very strong power, as is happening in Western Europe now. This is not surprising. Because her support base is almost exclusively all kinds of minorities”- said Andrei Korobkov.

In turn, the americanist, doctor of law Alexander Domrin described Democrat: “Hillary – protege financial capital, behind the scenes of the financial capital that has no homeland. The birthplace for this behind the scenes – grinbek, green dollar. Trump is a different America – a quiet, calm, which is friendly to us”.

“Hillary – the evil doll from horror movies. But even more sophisticated and more evil due to the fact that she’s trying not just to be a puppet in the hands of puppeteers, but also to beat them and add your own Russophobic position”, – said Domrin.

War and peace: the opposite of the model of world order

Perhaps someone will wonder why we spend so much time discussing the election of others? But the fact is that the choice is Clinton or trump depends on the further development of world politics and the fate of entire regions. In this sense, the U.S. presidential elections are our elections.

“For the first time in the last decade in the elections faced by the carriers of the polar ideologies. Now define the fate of America. And since America is still the largest power, then the fate and the outcome of these elections, respectively, and from these debates depends almost the fate of humanity” – said the philosopher, chief editor of the channel of Tsar Alexander Dugin.

“Hillary Clinton speaks about the continuation of American hegemony and the preservation of the unipolar world of globalization and the promotion of neo-liberal, and in fact, the neoconservative ideology (is the same). It is no coincidence that Hillary’s support of American neocons. And trump suddenly, unlike all previous candidates from the Republican party and Bush, and Bush, and the previous, for the first time in decades, advocates on behalf of “the other America”. America’s national, America’s real people. America, which wants to take care of their national interests.And for the first time realism and liberalism are two completely different and opposite paradigm of American politics, an encounter between”, – he added.

According to the philosopher, Clinton doesn’t want to admit that the US lost a chance at global leadership, and will continue to impose it, even if I have to continue the bloody conflict in the middle East or even unleash a Third world war.

“Hillary is the war, collapse and possible threat to humanity until its destruction. And trump is a chance the world is the chance of making America a truly great country that acquire the respect that will behave adequately and which may, in particular, to turn from our worst enemy and the worst enemy of humanity in the guide, a reliable partner”, – said Dugin.

“Party politics in USA has been a very serious shift. For a long time the Democrats were against the war. And the Republicans have always been considered “hawks”. The problem is that now Hillary is the main “hawk”, and it causes problems. Trump is against the war, and many of the wars involving the United States, he calls adventures. And it’s some Republicans too frustrating, because there is no such traditional Republican militancy”, – commented on American television Director Jack Mechanics.

In case of victory, Clinton’s U.S. elections at risk of becoming illegitimate. Legality is only correctly counted the votes. But the legitimacy – compliance with the expectations of the people and historical challenges. Donald trump – as a legitimate President, which is able to provide an alternative to predatory globalism of the American establishment. Pragmatic and self-confident politician, who is not afraid to call a spade a spade, and is well aware of what real American freedom.

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