The “Elite” are going to use Venezuela as the spring board for the Zika psy op

The “Elite” are going to use Venezuela as the spring board for the Zika psy op

jim stone

Venezuela will be sent the same tainted vaccines that were sent to Brazil, and the elite will take advantage of the political situation and launch their assault from Venezuela. This was made clear by an article on Drudge about zika in Venezuela this morning, which was a born-again rehash of the same B.S. they fronted in Brazil, handed an entire new life and vitality. It is obvious Gates and friends are going to use the political turmoil in Venezuela as cover for doing whatever vaccine experiments they want there, and to also use that turmoil to get their scapegoat – the Ades mosquito and zika – planted everywhere.

I got the details on the mosquito that is supposed to be doing it all, and was absolutely right on my first report. Here are the details:

The Ades mosquito, which supposedly ripped it’s way across all of south America and Central America in only six months, is a lazy and quiet basement dweller that NEVER, and I mean EVER travels more than 100 yards in its entire life. Unlike other varieties of mosquitos which may fly up to two miles for a meal, the Ades mosquito hatches, lands in a dark place nearby, and sits for its entire life until someone gets close enough for it to lazily fly over to and bite.

This means that any biological barrier, such as a highway, river, or any other open space such as the PANAMA CANAL will stop the Ades mosquito from migrating to an area on the other side of that barrier. Even under the most ideal possible circumstances, an infected strain of Ades mosquito will not, under any circumstance, move more than a mile a year.

If infected Ades mosquitos are now turning up everywhere, it means ONE THING: That someone is doing it. Who is known to have created a GMO ades mosquito and planted it somewhere? BILL GATES, and if this zika mosquito showed up in Venezuela to wreak havoc there, BILL GATES AND FRIENDS ARE RESPONSIBLE, when biology is considered it simply cannot be any other way.

Zika would not have made it to the other side of ANY CITY in Brazil within 10 years, that is how slow the Ades mosquito migrates. It would take from the time of Christ to today for any mosquito borne Zika to totally infiltrate all of latin America if the Ades mosquito had to do it all by itself without any help. The perpetrators of the zika scam are BUSTED.

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