The end has always come in a day

The end has always come in a day

By Jim Stone;

I am going to post a quick blurb here to explain to people why the communists win.
Communists take over countries in secrecy, by slowly, piece by piece putting in all the legislation they need to make a country communist. Most of the legislation is left to sit idle, and during the final stages of a communist takeover most of it is hidden from the public as is happening in America now.

Police are trained in advance to be tyrannical, and if they are not enough to establish a full lock down, the military is trained in advance to help, and is mentally conditioned to think it is perfectly correct to take action against their own society.

As part of the creeping progression towards lockdown, mandates against food and an ability to survive independently are written into codes and ordinances and go completely unnoticed by the greater public for as long as “all is well”. I am not even going to get into GMO and tainted vaccines, because these have never been a factor in a communist takeover historically, though they no doubt will be this time around.

What people really need to know however is that once the trap is sprung, a nation changes overnight and suddenly all that was kept secret is no longer secret. It is at this point that a large percentage of the sheep wake up (but a majority still does not). At that point it is FAR too late, the police are trained, the military is ready, and all the laws are on the books. And worse – for the first couple years the majority does not wake up, they just eat what they are told and “moral superiority” mind control programs are launched to make the idiots feel great about being totally blind to the tyranny happening around them, and to cause them to be horrendous snitches “because they are better than anyone else”. This facilitates the finishing stages of a communist lock down greatly.

A good example of the “moral superiority” meme is the smoker against the non-smoker, this was played to perfection during the communist takeover of America, which is about to snap to completion overnight. Oh GASP! The non-smokers are now saying OH, BUT I HAVE A RIGHT TO NOT BREATHE SMOKE. Sorry, but in a truly free society smoking is not ridiculed and if people don’t like it they can go to where there is no smoke and not smoke themselves. But I can’t win this (even though I do not smoke myself) because that particular meme has played out so well in America that it is out of reach as a topic. But in the past, in America, the stars would smoke openly on television during live broadcasts. Before the smoker/non smoker moral superiority meme took off no one gave it a thought. Those were the good old days . . . . .

But smoking is not the point of this writing. Smoking was only played by the communists to see if Americans could be pitted against other Americans over a petty issue laced with lies. They discovered that YES, it could be done, and knew Americans could indeed be made subject to the communist moral superiority manipulations and then proceeded to pit American against American, making the “conspiracy theorist” who actually figured things out into the “inferior smoker” of the intellectual sphere, to be laughed at and ridiculed because those who believe the communist MSM are not kooky and simply better people. what better way could there be to shut the truth up than to make those who know it the subject of “tinfoil hat” ridicule?

They are going to bring all of this – their division of America via various “moral superiority” memes, via their writing of laws in secret (and activation of laws written openly but never enforced), via their totaly tyranny trained police and mind wiped military forces (in the finishing stages with Jade Helm) to fruition soon, I’d say we probably do not even have to the end of this year (luck if we get more time) and when they do drop the axe, it will fall overnight and be FINISHED in a day. It has never happened differently with the communists, it will be the same this time around as well.

Those who remain stupid the day after will feel absolutely great about their “morally superior status” for turning you in for non compliance, the ability to snitch will make them better than you, your neighbor will suddenly be your worst nightmare, it is how communists function and if you think Russia will save you THINK AGAIN, Russia is the same old Russia in a new coat of a different color. This time Communism will probably come to you dressed in blue.

There is no current tide turning against the tyrants, no overthrow imminent, their victory is all but implemented and we really are in the last stages. Nothing will stop this now. We will at first lose Europe, America, Australia, and Canada. Mexico is the one that said no to Nafta and will hold out a few years longer. But Movmiento Naranja will probably screw Mexico and land it straight into elite hands during the next Presidential election cycle, (long story with that) but in short it will make it so only the elite can win elections by de-funding the poor and making it impossible for them to run for political office. Mexico is likely to quickly fall as a result as well.

I hate to be all doom here, but I am certain now that this is the future simply because the FCC really did manage to cut off the alternative media from the sleeping sheeple, NO DOUBT IF YOU CAN STILL SEE THIS WEB SITE OR OTHERS, EVEN INFOWARS YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN PROFILED AS A “TOTAL LOSS” AND ARE ON THE RED LIST, THE FIRST GROUP THAT WILL BE ROUNDED UP AND DISPOSED OF, the first wave will get 10 – 20 million people, the second? Half the country. They absolutely will kill everyone who eventually wakes up, and as for a percentage of the population that will eventually be wiped, just reference Ukraine. This time around it won’t stop at 30-40 million because America is so much bigger.

Communists do not care about death tolls, they care about compliance.
The American political system has already been pushed well beyond failure. The only hope America has is the gun owner, but I doubt gun owners will save the day because they are as caught up in the communist “moral superiority” manipulations as any other group. “Moral superiority” will be America’s downfall.

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