The end of the world?

The end of the world?

By Jim Stone

Possibly, for those who are not Jewish.
I wonder how history is going to record this one? Once upon a time there was us and them. Now there is only us. We got rid of them, because we had the power of God, and we made from them a totally new species because God willed it . . . .

This is not an exaggeration. I have read numerous reports about gene editing programs Cas/Crispr9 which allow you to create new organisms approximately as simply as typing them up in a word processor. And what did our friends over there in zion do with this software within a couple months of it existing? Well, they got creative . . . . .

This will take some explaining, so you understand how grave it is.

If you look at various families, they all have different traits – such as brown/blue eyes, big/small noses, light/dark skin, and we expect to see that. These are things we take as normal, because despite genetic variances, the different families at least all still have two hands, two feet, eyes, etc. This is because no matter how dominant genes are, they do not get so dominant that pieces are actually missing. And when a piece is missing for one reason or another, it creates a problem that seriously stifles reproduction and the passing of that trait forward, and something such as a missing hand, leg, foot, is such a huge genetic error that even if offspring are produced, chances are overwhelming that the mate has DNA that will correct the problem, and that corrective DNA is dominant enough to make sure it happens.

However, those days are now over. Via the new gene editing programs, it is now possible to turn the existence of arms, legs, a brain, a part of a brain, whatever, into a trait that is as flexible as brown/blue eyes, and also has the super dominant gene “enforcement” that makes sure it happens every time. As it turns out, there is a way to make good and sure that all offspring for all generations exhibit the desired trait, just like all turtles have shells, and all birds have wings.

According to their tests of this technology, the traits are so strongly enforced that when they only modified ONE male/female pair of fruit flies, and put them in with 500 other fruit flies, that within five generations of fruit flies ALL OF THEM exhibited the traits of the first two that were introduced.

And in only a couple short months, this technology has been developed to such an extent that it can be administered via a shot, with that same stinking bacteriophage I have talked about repeatedly.

When injected it goes straight to the testicles or ovaries, and sets up such a strong chain reaction that EVERY SINGLE EGG AND SPERM CELL IS MODIFIED, WITH NO CHANCE OF ANY CLEAN GENES REMAINING ANYWHERE.
Everyone has heard that in practically all cases, most people are only five steps removed from the President’s (or anyone elses) family. We are all related in one way or another. Most people never keep track of family beyond immediate cousins. In some cases, there are six or 7 steps of removal within a particular geographic population, but this is rare.

What does this mean with this new hyper dominant gene technology?

It means that even if only 500 people in America get this injection, within a few generations EVERYONE will be nailed by these modifications. Avoiding shots won’t cut it.

And the Jews live in tight little enclaves, protecting themselves from the outside world, and their messed up genes show it, they breed inward constantly and this will protect them from this technology if they administer it to the rest of the world via tainted vaccines.

Immediately after this technology was developed, guess what?

Because the world’s geneticists saw this as a nuclear weapon type technology, they immediately demanded full disclosure so every nation on earth could have it, and protect themselves with it. It is so easy to implement it could be done by the U of Zimbabwe. And what happened immediately after this technology was released? The Jews demanded it be classified immediately, with it under their control entirely to “make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands!”
And we all know that would be good, great stewards of the Library they are . . . . .

Fortunately research teams outside of Israel did this at the same time, so the Jews are not the only ones that have this. It will take some doing to make this an exclusively Jewish tech, so pray and keep your fingers crossed for doom to be forestalled or stopped . . . . . . and pay attention to those “car accidents” . . . . . .

Consider this:

We have a totally unknown number of dead doctors in alternative medicine now, no one knows how many, the ones in Florida were tracked down quite well because someone there was watching out but what is going on in the rest of the country and world? We all know something is amiss. And why would all these dead alternative medicine people be popping up everywhere, even when they made no major discovery? ANSWER: Because they were the only sector of the medical community that stands as an alternative to Obamacare, and Obamacare is going to enforce these shots on all people who fail to find a way to take care of their medical issues without being a part of Obamacare. Obviously alternative medical people, the good ones, will need to be killed off before full medical tyranny can take over.

Not that it would matter, other than to speed things up, if even 500 children get this new DNA technology injected into them, we are all eventually doomed anyway.

The only hope will be for all nations and peoples to receive this technology together, because we already know Kikedom can’t be trusted with it. The rest of the world needs a way to correct what they screw up, this technology could be used to correct the damage one group did to another and therefore the only way forward at this point is for EVERYONE to have this. And that means things could really get strange really quick, the genie is now out of the bottle and will not be going back in. We cannot allow the Jews to own the genie, keep an eye on ALL Non -Jewish geneticists and pay attention to how many die in “drunk driving” accidents.