November 1, 2016

On Friday October 28 2016 James Comey notified Congress that the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server had been reopened. This came eleven days before the general election for the presidential race. It set off a political firestorm. The DOJ accused the FBI of interfering in an election process. Harry Reid denounced the FBI for violating the Hatch Act. Then the White House interestingly slapped down Harry Reid and the DOJ by backing James Comey. The public is drawn to the political drama, but it is what is going on behind the closed doors in the FBI that fascinates me. Where the reporting is scant, but leaks are developing, is a story of rebellion. This rebellion is being conducted by career FBI agents against their politically appointed bosses. The FBI is staging a coup against the elite overlords and the story is confused.

Several interesting articles hit the papers since the October 28 event. A few journalists and bloggers reached out to sources to understand what is going on behind the scenes. The question is why James Comey reversed his July 5th decision not to criminally charge Hillary Clinton for improperly handling classified information. Most of these articles agree on the state of FBI morale dropping to all time lows. They agree that agents within the FBI resigned in protest due to James Comey’s decision.

The narrative of what occurred to reverse James Comey’s decision varies greatly. The more mainstream articles paint James Comey as an embattled sympathetic character. As a man who is only trying to do the right thing while being attacked on all fronts. Another speaks of individual FBI agents rebelling in secrecy against their politically appointed bosses. They forced James Comey to turn against his allies and overlords. I’m trying to figure out which one is true.

The question of James Comey’s character is an interesting one. He is known for standing up against the power brokers. During the Bush years CNN’s Jake Tapper described James Comey as a civil libertarian. While Comey deserves credit for stopping an illegal spying program in dramatic fashion, he also approved or defended some of the worst abuses of the Bush administration. In his time as deputy attorney general, he did not oppose torture, warrantless wiretapping, or indefinite detention.

Now as Director of the FBI, we look at James Comey’s behavior towards the original Hillary Clinton email server investigation. Looking into how this investigation by the FBI was conducted shows it to be a sham. FBI agents assigned to the investigation had to sign nondisclosure forms swearing not to release any of the investigation to the public. No grand jury ever was formed that would have allowed subpoenas and warrants with teeth to be issued. Hillary Clinton’s aides were granted immunity during investigations despite no grand jury being convened. The FBI was ordered to destroy devises containing evidence. In all of this you never heard a public complaint by James Comey. He in fact all but indicted Hillary Clinton in his July 5th speech while exonerating her of criminal charges.

These actions sowed the seeds of discontent deep within the ranks of the FBI. Regardless of my personal feeling for the legality of many of the FBI’s programs, agents join the FBI most often because they want to stop criminals. The original Hillary Clinton investigation was a poorly disguised cover up that was conducted under James Comey’s leadership. It was slap in the face to all honest serving and retired FBI agents.

Now we look at the narratives that are coming out on what has happened since. The first article by Ed Klein for the paints a picture of James Comey, the poor sympathetic victim, being attacked by all sides. The resignations of angered FBI agents and the glares and lack of civility by existing agents demoralized James Comey. The accusations by Republicans that James Comey played political favoritism in conducting the Hillary Clinton investigation hurt his feelings. Even his wife was disappointed in him. So the article concludes, when new evidence was possibly presented, James Comey without thought jumped at the chance to reopen the case.

What a load of horse manure. Perhaps all that is true about the lack of civility from within the ranks. Maybe he didn’t like being accused of the political favoritism he most definitely showed for Hillary Clinton. Maybe his wife was disappointed. Ed Klein’s article ignores the constraints placed on FBI agents in the first investigation. It ignores that James Comey once worked for the prestigious law firm that does the Clinton’s taxes. Nor does it mention the overwhelming pile of evidence that James Comey stifled without complaint before exonerating Hillary Clinton. The article serves a great heart string puller to excuse James Comey for the brash act of stupidity by reopening the Hillary Clinton investigation.

So I turn to the next article where it seems to have a fair amount of evidence pointing to a different narrative. The Real Reasons Why James Comey Reopened the Hillary Investigation by Joachim Hagopian. This points to the same morale shattering discontent within the ranks of the FBI. It also points to an anger prompting agents to act independently of oversight. This tells of an open revolt by FBI agents to defy the directives of the DOJ and conduct multiple investigations into the corruption of the Clinton’s. When they found evidence these agents colluded and compared the evidence to drive their own investigations. Their actions forced Comey to reopen the Hillary Clinton email server case.

A former federal attorney for the District of Columbia Joe DiGenova, in a seven minute radio interview stated Comey’s first investigation was incompetent and intentionally so. He states that the agents running the Anthony Weiner case found Huma Abedin’s emails on a devise shared by Weiner and Abedin and compared facts with other investigative teams. These agents provided Comey this new evidence on October 27 and Comey was backed into a corner. Comey could reopen the Hillary Clinton investigation, or the agents would leak the evidence exposing Comey’s intentionally incompetent first investigation for what it was. James Comey acted by notifying Congress on October 28 to cover his own butt.

A further sign of an all out coup is DiGenova stated that FBI agents refused to destroy the laptops of Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson. If that statement is true, then those devises can not be destroyed because the investigation is reopened. By willfully refusing to destroy the laptops when ordered to is outright rebellion.

Faced with the fact he needed to reopen the case and announce it publicly to keep the new evidence from being leaked, James Comey contacted the DOJ. Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, advised Comey not to take that action. Comey at that point had been successfully turned against his previous overlords and defied Loretta Lynch.


To me it seems very obvious that the deep state power structure is now under attack. This why I disagree with the Libertarian habit of demonizing people because they work for the government . Yes I disagree with a lot of the FBI’s programs, but FBI agents do care about America. They are citizens that are the product of a lousy educational system that indoctrinates them to accept the socialist and fascist policies of our government as legitimate. For those that truly believe in Constitutional law, we need to help them break from their indoctrination.

In the last month, FBI agents disenfranchised by the very system they are a part of, have done more than most to rebel against that system. Ordinary career FBI agents broke the power structure of the political elite to reopen the Hillary Clinton email server case. This coup is a step towards forcing a corrupt elite to face the same justice that ordinary Americans face. It is a step towards restoring freedom.

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