The federal government under Obama hates you!

Random surfing in a health blog uncovered a BLOCKBUSTER: the federal government under Obama hates you!


The government, and especially Obama, is the enemy of vets and much much more:

Oscar the war vet posted:

Dear Emmanuel from Lagos, Nigeria, I can NOT buy BHT for you because of the mistrust between the USA and Nigeria. I know there are many good Nigerians, but there are some who are considered terrorists by the USA. Also, I am on an American FBI watch list because of our President [ Obama`s ] ” operation vigilant eagle “. This Obama policy places all war veterans on said watch list and I am a war veteran. This is a serious issue for me. I was placed in or on a psychiatric lock ward last year when I went to the VA [ Veterans Administration ] for help for pain resulting from an old but severe gunshot wound to and through my abdomen. They took me into custody and sent me to this lock ward. You are locked up and considered a mental case. Luckily I got a good psychiatrist who realized this was non-sense and saw to it I got released in about one week.

So I am in a situation where I am already being watched by US authorities for being a war veteran. You Nigerians need to find your own sources for BHT. I can not help you with that.

I wish I could be of more help to you. For the reasons I discussed: I need to be careful to protect myself from USA authorities. This is the sort of crap that happens when trust breaks down between peoples governments. Good people have a hard time helping each other….Oscar

Take a look at the next response (posted immediately after what Oscar said, and remember, this is a HEALTH BLOG, not a conspiracy forum!

Timh replied:

@Oscar: I am very sorry to hear of your persecutions and am glad you have the courage to voice them.
I too lost my privacy about 25 yrs ago because I am a conservative Christian Artist. It’s not widely known that gov authorities have long been antagonistic to those who really know what’s going on. I watched a foreign film about 2yrs ago of a small community of artists and idealists in post Nazi Germany (forget the title) who were under constant illegal surveillance from gov, then personally followed and trapped into something or other for crimes of treason. Anyway, ever since I got disabled especially, and to some degree a few yrs before, I have had to be very careful to always watch my back and soon found it necessary to get certified to carry a concealed weapon.

Fast forward to the recent past and I have been routinely denied medical diagnostics of verifiable symptoms as reported to md’s and then dr worked up a case of mental illness, denied me home health and recommended entry level psychological counseling. As I am a conservative Christian w/ a Major in Psychology from an accredited university I abruptly refused and was then told I would need to be institutionalized. After reviewing the liberal political circumstances of Ky’s Medicaid provided healthcare (of which I am reduced) and also the liberal dc obamacare policies gutting medicare and home health, it seems quite obvious that the “practice of medicine” follows very closely w/ the controlling political agendas.

It is so sad to witness the collapse of what was once a great country, but the big liberals are having the time of their life and everything is going their way, while we conservatives are suffering opposition & persecution. The way I see it, this world is theirs and the next world is ours.

I am grateful for what little I do have in this world and am glad to share healing remedies here on E.C. so maybe others won’t get so far down as is my misfortune.

Hope you can wiggle yourself from the worst of such bad circumstances as seems you had the fortune to have already w/ an a-political dr of psychiatry.

My comment:

In Mexico, it is impossible to nail anyone with a diagnosis of “mental illness” for a medical problem like what can happen in the U.S. because in Mexico, YOU KEEP YOUR OWN MEDICAL RECORDS, THE STATE, AND YOUR DOCTOR, DOES NOT. If something gets in there that you don’t like, it goes in the trash, and can be permanently deleted by a simple garbage can. They can’t go back and look through any files or black lists of people.

In America, you cannot get your medical records all in one spot, and off the central database. This makes it possible for the government to black list you for political reasons, and you will never know they did it. All you will notice is that the doctors start calling you crazy, which is what happens with anyone who is a veteran or political dissident. Doctors can look right at the open sores and obvious symptoms, and tell you it is all in your head when that happens.

Mexicans get to walk around the hospitals with their own cat scans, MRI’s, and x-rays, AND TAKE THEM HOME. I have never seen that in the U.S., those things are all controlled. But in Mexico, if you don’t like what one doctor said, you just pick up everything and consult another. You don’t have to beg anyone for permission to do so. And if you come across a stupid doctor, (and there are plenty of those) that doctor cannot damage you beyond whatever bill you might have to pay, even if that doctor works in the state medical system.

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