The Full Potential Water Supply for Earth Is Being Discovered

The Full Potential Water Supply for Earth Is Being Discovered

April 7 2015

EIR is going to release on April 15 a full issue dedicated to a breakthrough in understanding and recovering Earth’s real water supplies, as they are shaped by solar, galactic, and biospheric activity. “Don’t Let California Go Brown: The Water Is There, Develop It” is the issue’s title, and the breakthrough—expressed in the March 27 report by Ben Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Science Team—disqualifies pessimism and anti-human forced cutbacks in water use in the face of the western drought. It calls, instead, for a mobilization of science and nuclear technology to develop the real added supplies of water, and use them. Deniston’s report is “Memo for the Next President: New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis.” It was amplified in the webcast program “New Paradigm for Humanity” on April 1.

This already provides the ammunition to mobilize pro-progress activists and experts everywhere in the United States in a campaign to develop the water supplies—desalination with nuclear power, atmospheric ionization and weather modification; continental-scale water management projects—and save California and the West.

EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche noted yesterday, however, that the new special EIR report can create an international change in the principles of water use—one that will be understood and appreciated particularly in China. China has been taking the lead in water management technology, fission development and fusion power, and Solar System science. It has productively moved more water in two decades than the United States did in the 20th Century. China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has been adopted by 55 countries as the key international development bank for infrastructure; if the United States would now join it, new great projects of water infrastructure can be created, including in the growing desertifying areas of the North American West.

“The potentiality for water supplies on planet Earth has been revised, greatly upward, by what Ben (Deniston) has done in this work,”

LaRouche said today.

“And that means that the entire water policy of the United States as a nation, is a case in which everything that’s being told, on the official line, is one, great fraud….

“The Kepler system now has been shown to have potentials for water supplies for human beings on Earth, which were never really consolidated as propositions before. In order to realize this greater potential, we now have to go to work to understand the implications of what Ben has done, and put it into practice.”

This does require “the Next President,” and it requires that now: Barack Obama tried unsuccessfully to destroy the AIIB, is trying to provoke Russia and China into war confrontations, and has done nothing but embrace Wall Street since the 2008 Crash. He needs to be dumped. Of those in the field, only Gov. Martin O’Malley has thus far shown the qualifications and commitment to fight Wall Street and restore Glass-Steagall.

And any qualified candidate, if becoming President, will require a Presidency. This mobilization is aimed to create that. What is required is the creation of a Presidency, not a “President with followings.” Since we have, certainly no President, and presently no presidential candidate qualified to meet the challenges this crisis poses, we must set our intention to see to the creation of a Presidency around a candidate.

In that connection, O’Malley is the only one we know of who has the qualifications to head up a new Presidency—not a political party, a Presidency, which will address the issues of a global water crisis.

That will have to be done together with China. The idea we have had of national governments in the world must be reformed, because China is much more qualified, now, than governments in the United States or Europe, to deal with the issues of this crisis.

Therefore, with that cooperation in view, we have to shape the Presidency, under the U.S. Constitutional requirements, to deal with the threat of a water crisis which could otherwise lead to havoc, both in the United States and internationally.

The solution exists. We are qualified to fill it out. Our mission is to create a Presidency around it.

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