The Greek crisis: what happened to European unity and oxi?

The Greek crisis: what happened to European unity and oxi?

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Tax Justice Network July 2015 podcast looks at the crisis in Greece. Also: we discuss the European Parliament’s vote for multinational corporations to report their activities on a public, country by country basis: the push to give poorer nations a say in international tax rule-making fails after three days of three days of bullying in Addis Ababa BUT Tax Inspectors Without Borders gets the green light. Plus more scandal and unique analysis.


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  • theunhivedmind

    Unity? Everyone was petrified of New Venice using their SHAPE head terrorist General Philip Breedlove and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to instigate a military coup d’etat against Greece. A coup would have most definitely have taken place if Syriza had executed what the people of Greece really desire. This is why I said that Greece should have planned with Russian President Putin to have his Russian forces enter into Greece at the exact moment of walking away from the debt talks table. Greece would have been announced Russian military acceptance prior to event in order to let the world know the truth so that propaganda couldn’t claim Putin was invading Greece. By bringing Russia into Greece and announcing the plan prior to the event this would have stopped any invasion attempt by NATO terrorist forces and thus freed the Greek people. I should remind you that 9/11 was not controlled by MOSSAD but instead masterminded by New Venice utilizing both the Royal Canadian Air Force and NATO who controlled the U.S. Continuity of Government control systems first removing the power from Washington into Chicago and then out into London under Geoff Hoon of the UK Ministry of Defence all mastered by the House of Windsor and its the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath.

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