The Health of Nations: New Interactive Disease Map

Right from the horses mouth so to speak!

The Health of Nations: New Interactive Disease Map

Laurie Garrett, my irrepressible colleague at the Council on Foreign Relations, likes to push boundaries. It’s certainly worked for her. She’s the only person to have received all the country’s major journalism awards—the Pulitzer, Peabody, and Polk trifecta.

Well I got a map now. Great! Wouldn’t know anything if it wasn’t for the CFR. Kidding aside this is a step in conditioning. Get used to the viruses and accept the vaccinations, because your saving your family and community. Avoid anything that the CFR or quack doctors tell you about your health as profit rules. Take the time and learn about your health. Could save your life. Get it, I made a witty pun! Also for the love of humanity, inform yourself. Good luck and good hunting!


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