The Holocaust Fantasy Litmus Test

The Holocaust Fantasy Litmus Test

By Les Visible
Reflections in a Petri dish — April 9, 2016

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Let’s see… what have we got today? Ah… there we go, more outrageous bullshit about non-existent gas chambers. They never quit with this nonsense and people go right on believing this Hollywood stage set, by which I mean it is all like one of those fake towns …and behind the building fronts are nothing but 2X4’s holding up the illusion of something real behind it and there is nothing. There is only the desert of the larger environment or one of those movie lots or buildings.

I am amazed at all the truth sites and news gathering sites that refuse to address this pernicious fable that has been used to blackmail and subjugate nations. The real holocaust is what happened to the German people following the wars end. This is another litmus test; the Holocaust Fantasy Litmus Test. If you don’t have the stones to declare that The Demon Emperor has no clothes, then you have failed at exhibiting any courage of conviction that you pretend to have and don’t possess.

Everyone who defends this lie, or remains silent when they know it is a lie, is culpable in the effort to defraud and enslave the human race. If you don’t know this is a lie, due to a lack of curiosity, or being stupid or indifferent, that is another kind of offense but mostly I would say, against yourself.

This vicious lie has been used to justify countless crimes. It is the hammer and tongs behind the daily, decades long mass murder of defenseless Palestinians and the theft of their lands, as well as the wars orchestrated by these ‘so called’ victims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Lebanon and other locations. All these wars were authored by American and British NEO-CONS. If you don’t know their genetic makeup then look it up.

Nothing that is going to be said here can be proven as anything but fact and is backed up by documentation. No reasonable argument can be given to the contrary. Of what use is an unreasonable argument?

All the testimony from captured German soldiers and officials at Nuremberg was gained through torture and the crushing of their testicles and the interrogators were primarily Jewish. The official Red Cross Document puts paid to the lie of six million dead Jews. The Jewish World Almanac shows an INCREASE in the Jewish population from 1933 to 1948. There were no gas chambers at the concentration camps for the extermination of Jews. There were no gas chambers for extermination in the camps. The tale of the gas chambers is a lie.

I don’t know if the number of Russians killed by the Bolshevik Cheka is 85 million, or 60 million, or 30 million but I do know it was in the tens of millions. I do know that is was Jews who were responsible for it and this was prior to or in concert with their own alleged holocaust. In other words, while they were creating this fiction about their own victimization, they were actually the victimizers and in a frenzy of mass murder of far greater numbers than the numbers they falsely claim for themselves. They created this fantasy to revise history; to cover themselves from the exposure of crimes far more monstrous and to blackmail the world. It is a lie so poisonous that it makes dioxide look like a dessert topping.

Here we see the power that lies in the control of the money supply. When you control the money supply, you can control governments. When you control the money supply you can buy the media of every kind and at every level. When you control the money supply you can foment war for your own profit. You can manipulate the economies and you can cause famine or prosperity.

These things are all true and it is easy to see the truth of them on the basis of simple logic. Today we are not going to present a multitude of irrefutable facts. We have done this many times.

We have no interest in convicting the entirety of the Jewish people. We know from our own personal experience that not all Jews are engaged in these horrors but the facts in these matters are facts. In the Bible it talks about different tribes. I think that explains all that need be said about it, if only in theory.

So… anyone who is going on about truth in history, or truth in the media, or truth in any permutation that they consider comprehensive or specific and who does not support and concur with the truths presented here, fails our litmus test and it should be understood that there is something off about them. I know there are people who believe they have the right to manufacture fantastic lies about themselves and also to tell fantastic lies about others. This is the very nature of PC and we should point out that PC is also an invention and a tool of the people who created the Holocaust Fantasy. PC is an instrument of Bolshevism. Bolshevism is a tribe construction. Bolshevism is an expression of Satanism. Satanism is the prevailing religion of the times because a particular expression of Satanism is Materialism and Materialism is the birth canal of lies and Satan is the Father of Lies. There are all kinds of logical progressions one can make. There are obvious progressions and if these progressions don’t suit you then you can skip steps or turn in some other direction because that is more preferable and profitable for you. It could be wrong and it often is but who is to say what is right and wrong in times of such moral relativism?

Lies are a currency in times of Material Darkness and moral relativism. Moral relativism is an extension of materialism at a certain stage. Materialism has stages of being and it can best be defined by ‘degrees of madness’. It is like a downward spiral of insanity and it doesn’t stop until it corkscrews you right into the bowels of Hell.

Because the media is in the hands of the agents of Satan, you get things like this. This might seem innocuous, until you notice the references to the political candidates and the coy and smarmy way the whole thing is presented; until you notice how everyone loves Obama, who is a merciless killer of hundreds of thousands. You’ll note they all fear and are repulsed by Trump. The article has nothing to do with what it presents itself as. There is a more sinister intent at work.

The media programs us and it is relentlessly employed in the proliferation of lies of all sizes and most especially the really big lies, like The Holocaust Fantasy. It is also involved in slandering, assaulting, imprisoning and even killing those who question the lies. The media is owned by the people who concocted the Holocaust Fantasy and it is owned by the people who did 9/11 and their ownership has helped them to deceive the public as to who the authors of the 9/11 attacks really were and it has made it possible for them to slander the Muslim religion because those who live on and possess the land that the Zionists desire to possess happen to be Muslims and a lot of the power that the money-changer Satanists have, comes directly from the Holocaust Fantasy; although they have been at it much longer than that. The creation of the Mafia Nation of Israel comes directly out of it. It is all a logical progression of thought to come to these understandings, unless you refuse to and prefer to fail the litmus test.

As we have stated here, many times, we did not want to have to come to the understandings that we have come to. This is simply where the industry of our research has taken us. This was no great feat on our part to discover that the Holocaust Fantasy is a fantasy so… it should not be difficult for anyone else to discover this but… for some reason… it is surprisingly difficult. There are a number of reasons why this is the way it is and none of them reflect well on those who find it so difficult to discover or who refuse to consider it at all. At the root of it, I believe, is fear and attendant cowardice. Fear comes in many shapes. We are not going to list or examine any of them. You can figure it out, if you want to.

Our world is controlled and manipulated by enormous lies. If you cannot see this then you are being controlled and manipulated by them and you can’t be entirely trusted and how can you enter into the deeper circles of truth if you are surrounded by the walls of enormous lies? As George Orwell said; “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Just because you don’t want to see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. For me it is like ignoring a highway sign that tells you the bridge is out. I recognize the danger that comes in telling the truth when the truth goes contrary to the interests of powerful cabals. I recognize the greater danger of submitting to the lies out of a drive for self preservation. The fallacy in this is that you do not preserve yourself by submitting to the collective belief in universal lies; anything but. What you do is to further veil yourself from yourself and doom yourself to a darker destiny than you might have arrived at otherwise. This is all a matter of personal choice.

If you fail our litmus test, this is not the most grievous thing that can happen, far worse is failing your own litmus test, the litmus test of your true self …because… rather than to walk into the light of an ever greater awareness of life both seen and unseen, you have chosen to walk into the shadows and nothing good can come of that. You can dwell in the shadows or you can seek to dwell in the light, that is up to you.

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Addendum; One of the reasons that I wrote this today is because of my own personal journey. Last July, while living in Hawaii, I got attacked, blindsided actually, by a tag team of individuals that I thought were friends. One of them, this fellow, Robert, who lives down in a place called Opihi Kao, used to come and visit me near every day for some months. We would watch a film and talk about the ineffable. Then he introduced me to this martial artist named David, who comes from Las Vegas. He has a striking appearance due to a completely white eyebrow and eyelash on his right eye. They started coming around together and we would, again, watch a movie and talk about the ineffable. Then, one Sunday, while I was dealing with computer problems, running back and forth to the market where my computer tech had a kiosk, they showed up. I cannot clearly say what happened. All I remember is walking back to my dwelling in a daze. I knew I was injured. I thought I had hit myself but… why I would do that is a mystery to me.

At some point I went to my landlady and asked her to call an ambulance. They came and took me away and the next thing I knew I was in Queen’s Medical Center on Oahu, courtesy of a 75,000 dollar flight. To put this in perspective, it only costs half that to hire a jet and have it fly you from New York to LA. The oral surgeon who performed the operation on me said it was the worst break he had ever seen. I didn’t quite get that or why my jaw wasn’t wired shut as a result but apparently I had a serious operation and I didn’t know this until I saw the X-Ray yesterday. It was a profound experience. The doctor told me that there was no way that I hit myself. It wasn’t possible. I now see what he meant. He said I must have been hit by something really powerful.

The police came after I was taken away and did a report. Later on, my landlady told me that she heard this fellow David screaming at me in the yard. She also told me that she had run into Robert at a gas station and told him never to bring David on the land again. Once I knew these things and once I had contacted Robert and told him I knew that David had attacked me (and he said- “It was very strange.” which is no kind of denial of the event)… once I knew these things and also discovered that I had well over a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills, when I had been debt free previously, I went to the police, because that was the only way I could tap the Prosecutors Victims fund. The police refused to have anything to do with me. I tried to contact them for weeks and months. I went to the station several times. Until I said I was going to the press they wouldn’t send anyone but then they did. I got some cursory note taking and was forgotten. People who said they would help me, did not. It was as if some sort of word had gone around and every avenue was closed off. I don’t have time or space to go into all the freaky things that happened. Trust me… they were freaky.

Of course I had to leave there. I went through a real effort to find another place and every avenue was closed. People that I knew well seemed in no mood to help me in my search but that is the nature of that place. People live in a dream state and are as self indulgent as any people I have ever seen. This does not apply to everyone I knew. I knew some very nice people there who were very helpful and I recognize now that it was the ineffable controlling everything and he wanted me to move on. That was it.

Why I have produced this long rambling affair today is apropos of the nature of my work and what I do. I was assaulted because of the work I do. This is clear to me now but it changed nothing.

I had a prosthetic made by an incompetent dentist and during the couple of months it took to get it, I lived out of a blender until then, only to find that the prosthetic caused so much pain that it has been difficult to eat ever since. This plays Hell on the digestion. Before the attack, I was doing 250 pushups every other day and 350 sit-ups on the other days. I also was using rubber cables to build up other muscles. I was in great shape. I haven’t done much of any of that since. I guess it knocked the will out of me until now… as I am beginning again.

I am not crying about any of this. My mood is very upbeat and has been. It doesn’t seem like anything can change this and my relationship with the ineffable is stronger than ever. I don’t blame the ineffable for what happened, or the unfortunate nature of the last four years. I don’t blame myself. Tests come and it it the measure of us how we handle them. A little over 3 months ago, the ineffable told me I had embarked on a new phase and that it was going to be wonderful and it has been. Sometimes you are pressed to the bleeding edge of endurance and you endure or you try to find some easier road and there is no easier road. Sometimes, in order to guide us, we are manhandled or god handled to get us where we are meant to go. In the end… the juice is worth the squeeze, at least I believe it is.

Here is a scan of the X-Ray.

X-ray. Click to enlarge

As you can seen, some sort of bands were put together to hold my jaw in place. Apparently my jaw was broken in two different locations and there are four bands total. I had no idea they were even there. I just found out. The crack in my jaw where the larger bands are, in the front, is a massive break. I lost some teeth as well. I’m impressed (grin). I know there will be some who are glad this happened to me but I am not affected by schadenfreude. I just move on and all of us should. Never let the challenges of any moment, direct you in any direction, except toward the higher octaves of your possibility. Don’t let it get you down. I tell you this because each and every one of us are going to face personal trials, tragedies and losses …but there is joy and wonder in abundance for those who persevere. See that you do.

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