The Jim Heikkila Stone Distortion

The Jim Heikkila Stone Distortion

April 17, 2015

The truther going by the pen name Jim Stone has unfortunately been causing distortion in the already fragile and decomposing truth movement since Saturday August 17, 2002 . His work is sometimes of remarkable and sophisticated nature though but the false, or at least questionable, story he has created for himself and his audience concerning who he really is is reason enough to publish a post about him, Jim (James) Annas Heikkila Stone.

He first came to the 9/11 truthers attention when he distributed his article online about the planes of 9/11 that according to Jim Stone “exceeded their software limits.” I am not going to focus on that particular topic right now because I want to address the image that has been created for the Jim Stone character as we currently know it.

In his 2002 article James Heikkila, a.k.a. Jim Stone, claimed that he is “a National Security Agency trained Electronic Warfare specialist.” His official title according to Heikkila was “MOS33Q10, Electronic Warfare Intercept Strategic Signal Processing/Storage Systems Specialist.” However, that title is not NSA, it’s US army. Look it up, you’ll see it for yourself.

One can indeed have been trained by the NSA while serving in the US army but when one was allegedly working for the NSA, as Jim Stone often claims on his website, then it is very suspicious that such a person would openly publish his opinion on the 9/11 inside job of 2001 using his real name.

It would be assumed that a NSA agent, and especially a brainiac specialist, would at least choose a pen name in order to protect himself and his family, certainly in 2002 merely a year after 9/11 had happened. The case was still very fresh, even today. That was and is obviously not the case for James Heikkila who wrote in public that he is or was a NSA trained “specialist” who happened to have exposed a crucial part of the real 9/11 story, according to him.

Apparently in 2002 he was not afraid of being detained and assassinated by goons that could have been sent out by those who orchestrated 9/11 or by the NSA itself, since one of their own just went rogue.

No, he was quite convinced he was safe, no need for a pen name.

Time goes by and about 9 years later after failing to establish a successful music career, allegedly due to being chased and threatened by the powers that be, Jim Stone appears with a powerful report on 3/11 (Fukushima, 2011). Only this time the story about who he allegedly is is different. Now he is no longer just a NSA trained soldier. Now he’s a full blown top NSA specialist on the run fearing for his life in Mexico without ever mentioning the MOS33Q10 title again, likely due to the fact that in 2002 people from in the US army had alerted about how that title is ARMY and not NSA at all. In fact, the only references to that title, online, practically all if not all completely point to Jim Stone’s 9/11 article of 2002. Several forum members of various forums described their confusion back then about the very MOS title.

It has been brought to truthseekers their attention ever since that James Heikkila likely has worked for Geneva Steel, as these two articles appear to suggest, link 1, link 2. Those articles are from 2001, a year before his online 9/11 report. As far as I’m aware James Heikkila has never mentioned anything about his time at Geneva Steel on his Jim Stone websites that I have been following for several years now and I follow them very regularly so it is practically impossible that I missed any of his possible references to that.

In any event, Heikkila claims that he had been illegally detained after and due to his publishing of his extremely damaging 3/11 report even though months earlier others had already published several posts about the very topic and how it seemed that 3/11 was not what we were led to believe officially, link 1 and 2.

A few years later and we’re in the present time, a time that James still claims to be on the run from the government and Israeli-sponsored assassins.

At one point he even went as far as to state that “30 storm troopers, and I mean, they really were like from Star Wars with the full face helmets, shields, riot gear, ect” were hiding in the dark to murder him when he would come home that day. “I saw them from the sidewalk when they were still about 100 feet away fortunately (lucky lucky lucky) and continued walking past like normal. They must not have known it was me. I have spectacular night vision, which saved me,” he continued.

Fascinating stuff huhh! Isn’t it? I know, and I think that’s the kind of thrills his regular audience and loyal followers really like most about him and he knows it and exploits it to the fullest. Which is his right, it’s a free market and a free world.

As for myself, well, after taking notes of everything I must say I’m disappointed to a great extent. As is normal and to be expected for truthers, we sometimes make mistakes and I never took it too serious when Jim Stone dropped the ball every now and then but now that I know he’s not truly honest about who he really is I have a completely different feeling about the man.

Who is he really? And what purpose does his other alter ego, Annas Heikkila, serve? As Annas, Jim Stone the artist, claims: “After carefully reviewing the issue, I have decided to no longer post my music because despite differing opinions I have concluded it is haram.” This is by itself also very odd to say the least because as everyone who ever read anything on his site knows Heikkila claims to still be proud of his music and still wants that musical career very much. Or does he? Since his music is a sin and forbidden by allah…

Anyway, until things clear up: it’s nothing personal kid, it’s just business.

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