The lancet has hopped on the vaccine brain damage cover-up bandwagon

Feb 23 2016

The lancet has hopped on the vaccine brain damage cover-up bandwagon

In this report the lancet has fingered every chemical of modern society as brain damaging to children, and has basically fingered modern society as the cause of autism and other brain disorders in children. they even threw fluoride under the bus, and as far as I see it, it only proves the elite are now willing to ditch fluoride, which has been known to be a neurotoxin for over 100 years, in exchange for one last ruse to keep the real weapon~ tainted vaccines, out of the spotlight.

The lancet has fingered carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, perfluorinated compounds, and practically every other chemical as the cause of the huge autism problem now faced by the world. And now, I am going to say it like it is:

The lancet is a fraud. 30 years ago, we had virtually NO AUTISM. Yet we had perfluorinated compounds in abundance. Perfluorinated compounds ARE NOT IT. 5,000 years ago, children were exposed to carbon monoxide in abundance, from numerous fires that were lit for heat and light, yet there was virtually no autism. AND FROM FIVE BILLION YEARS AGO UNTIL NOW, THE WORLD HAS ALWAYS HAD ROBUST AMOUNTS OF NITROUS OXIDE THANKS TO THE MANY MANY THUNDER STORMS, and the amount they generate DWARFS what mankind makes. NITROUS OXIDE IS NOT IT.

The lancet report takes an extended funny farm cruise through practically every chemical known to man, and fingers all of them as the cause of autism and childhood brain disorders, all the while it ignores antidepressants during pregnancy, other drugs during pregnancy, and MOST OF ALL, THE NEWLY FORMULATED CHILDHOOD VACCINES THAT HAVE A BASE IN ABORTED BABY TISSUE. Wanna screw a child up good? Just inject that child with human tissue that is in the presence of a pathogen. That will make that little baby body rip itself apart from the inside out, as everything it is made out of is identified by the immune system as the enemy, especially the brain. And the lancet community will be THRILLED, they will make mega bucks as the people their vaccines destroy are body slammed into medical victim-hood forever.

And if modern society is pegged as the cause of all that damage, the elite will have little trouble fooling the little people into going back to the stone age, while they retain the technology and rule as gods.

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