The Luciferian London Olympics 2012 [Video]


    Now who is the God of the Rainbow and Prince of the power and the air? Why it is Lucifer the light bringer tied to the planet Venus the hermaphrodite like its mother the satellite Moon. The reason why the Statue of Liberty carrying the Illumination torch is actually an hermaphrodite. The upward five-pointed star being the symbol of man and the upside down version being of women. During the separation of these Gods there was destruction on Earth. This is why we have the word freedom being tied to Frija (Venus) of the ancient Germanics and dome the feminine root of five contract Ever since the downward Pentagram has been tied to the negative in Witchcraft. Why do you think your chiller in the kitchen is called a fridge or re-fridgerator? Venus was originally an ice-comet which entered our solar system and replaced Earth as the second planet from the Sun. This body destroyed the axis of Uranus whilst sucking up the atmosphere of Mars and exploding Marduk/Tiamet in between both Jupiter and Mars.

    Lucifer is connected with your real brain and its protector which is the seat of your soul. What region do you think I am talking about? Its your Heart and Pericardium dominated by your Mercury (Hermes) and Saturn (Kronos) fingers whilst frequency charged by the green color in nature at the Heart Chakra dominated by the influences of the planet Venus in the celestrial Heavens. Note the one-eyed Beast phallics of the generative force in the video. Now do you understand the current homosexual Uranian agenda? Bought about to aid the perfection of man via alchemy of the Order of the Rosy Cross going back further into the ancient World to unite man and women with Heaven and Earth.

    I do not know about you but I am totally fed up so seeing this running Bolt doing the volt symbolism. He even throws out his index finger in honor of his God Jupiter known as Zeus or today as Peter. This finger also has control over your large intestine. Study the usage of this organ to understand a bit more. Now what region has great influence over your body and your air supply? Its the Lungs and they are connected with the thumbs controlled by the Prince and power of the air, the planet Venus. Total authority is when you see the cosmos sign thrown by Pope’s which is Kronos and Zeus together the Pericardium and Large Intestine.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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