The Muslims Are Coming! Norwegian Activist Calls for Islamic Crackdown

The Muslims Are Coming! Norwegian Activist Calls for Islamic Crackdown © AFP 2016/ NTB SCANPIX / FREDRIK VARFJELL

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A prominent Norwegian critic of Islam has proposed editing the Quran, closing down mosques and building fences along the borders in the name of democracy.

Even though Norway is still unsure whether the new restrictive measures imposed on asylum seekers by the country’s immigration minister are too harsh, Hege Storhaug, a prominent journalist and critic of Islam, claims that it’s not enough.

According to Aftenposten newspaper, the recent expansion of radical Islam in European countries has made the Norwegian politicians much more receptive to the ideas promoted by Storhaug who argues that as many as 30-35 percent of Norway’s Muslims may be Islamic fundamentalists.

The measures proposed by Storhaug include:

— editing the Quran itself by striking out the so called Sword Verse which allegedly promotes violence towards ‘pagans’ and ‘idolators’;

— imposing state regulations on Islamic religious practices, including the ban on constructing new mosques and closing down some of the existing ones;

— a ban on wearing hijab in institutions such as kindergartens and universities (at the same time, wearing a Jewish kippah or a Christian cross shouldn’t be prohibited).

— building fences and deploying armed forces along Europe’s borders in order to stop the influx of refugees

— only accept refugees who are political dissidents and not merely seeking a better life, and provide financial incentives to migrants to return to their country of origin.

Storhaug added that the politicians must step in and take control of the situation in the face of the encroaching ‘totalitarian ideology’, Aftenposten adds. She also denied claims that she may be fueling conspiracy theories about Muslims allegedly plotting to establish an Islamic government in Norway.

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