The Name Of The Game Is Deception…

The Name Of The Game Is Deception…

September 20, 2013 in Resistance

The IRS Scandal, Immigration, ObamaCare, Government Shut Downs, George Zimmerman, Mass Shootings, Climate Change, Gay Marriage, Celebrity Scandals — are all crafted and well timed distractions. Some have the secondary purpose of draining your wallet, but never forget they are pushed to keep us fighting among ourselves.

They are constructs of a group of magicians trying to divert a generally gullible audience with non-winnable debates, bizarre spectacles, and questions with no answers designed to occupy the public while the White Tiger is loaded in the cage behind the curtain…

Spoiler Alert: The White Tiger is the Last World War and the collapse of the Global Economy.

Those that serve Evil are preparing to pull the trigger, I don’t know how or when, but the tension level among both the Sheep and the Wolves is off the charts. You can literally feel it if you are in a crowd at times of general stress, like when a mass shooting is wall to wall on the television for days.

The number and intensity of the distractions being thrown at the public has increased 10 fold during 2013, they now come so quickly that there is no time to absorb and analyze the events. This has led me to the conclusion that the Globalists are no longer pushing a narrative, they have shifted to the time honored end game tactic of creating total confusion to keep the water muddy to pull off something big. Really Big.

What is about to happen in the Middle East has a very good chance of kicking off the Last World War, and Benghazi points the finger directly at covert intervention and the intentional arming of known terrorists by the Obama regime to get it all started in Syria. When Benghazi bubbles up, something ALWAYS happens to push it off the screen and front page.

The same is true with the Edward Snowden / NSA story, and why you see the extreme attempts to monitor and control the Web. When Edward Snowden’s face pops up on the screen, expect something “sexy” to push it off quickly.

It is the tiny snowball at the top of the hill that keeps becoming a giant avalanche every week, sweeping away all the false pretense in it’s wake. At times on a daily basis new revelations about just how deep the NSA Rabbit Hole really goes appear on the Web… and we still aren’t at the bottom.

The almost untold story is that the NSA spying programs are more about manipulating the global economy than about chasing terrorists. It is a Corporate spying organization first and foremost, funded by the Big Banks… “Government is protecting you from terrorists” is just a facade to justify it.

There is a Global Currency War also about to kick off, and the USA is not well positioned to say the very least. We have spotted everyone 4 touchdowns and then broken the knee caps of our own starting players before intentionally losing the coin toss and starting a fist fight during the hand shake. We have been intentionally positioned to be the losers by design, not accident, as some would have you believe.

Meanwhile, the Rabbit Hole is still being dug. Massive data centers are still being constructed, impervious bunkers built for the technocrats, side tunnels excavated as escape hatches for politicians and judges.

Soon the entire planet will be fully eaten away just below the surface, then it will collapse in on itself like a Florida sink hole. Most Americans will be at home watching TV when the earth opens up and swallows them.

Will they try to escape, or ask someone to toss the remote control into the hole so they can change the channel when they get bored?

Opt out of the corporate slave culture. Turn off the Television. Talk to your neighbors.

Tell Everyone You Know.

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