The Parasite That Owns This Country Hates The NHS

The Parasite That Owns This Country Hates The NHS

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For April 25, 2016

So, Oliver Letwin wrote a ‘blueprint’ for NHS privatisation in 1988.

British citizens should remember that ‘British Rail was systematically run down, a standard privatisation strategy, for some years before it was sold off. This makes the policy easier to sell to the public because the transfer of public assets into private hands can be represented as an improvement in the service.

Letwin’s “Privatising The World” recommended this key step in the process and it looks like the assault against the NHS is being seriously ramped up by the privateers at the moment via the Junior Doctors dispute.

Already 2 out of 3 NHS contracts are being won by private health firms, but for the money- parasites this will never be enough. Neither will the interest paid on the billions “borrowed” by the government to fund the service.


The NHS is a sore on the body of the City of London. The predatory parasites whose success at running money rackets makes them our real masters groan in agony when they think of the money they could be making out of UK health care if it was run along American lines.

Why, with interest rates so low, the NHS is nearly run at cost (apart from the monstrous PFI debts that the Blair government incurred on our behalf). The limited nature of the parasitism is INTOLERABLE to certain parties, though our greatest blessing as British citizens.

In fact, the money-lending class can tolerate no activity from which they cannot extract a substantial rake-off. We allow them to create money out of nothing and charge us interest on this money, that they never had in the first place (the debts owned by banks to each other are greater than those owed by nations, and every bit as unpayable).

The money-lending scam is simply a war against the masses waged by the ultra-rich (and the privatisation agenda and TTIP trade deals are merely a part of the same process).

Such is the power of these fiends that this scam, this fundamental of nearly all societies is never questioned in schools, universities or even (maybe, particularly) in Schools of Economics. The power and scope of these forces of enslavement is breathtaking and mind-boggling.

The system cannot possibly last. It must collapse … but we must be ready to oppose ANY system these same parasites have ready and waiting to replace the old one.

God bless the Junior Doctors. They are fighting for the survival of the NHS and they are fighting for us.

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