The Poisonous Statins now pushed for Alzheimers


Statins could be the key to beating Alzheimer’s

Wednesday April 4,2012
By Jo Willey

STATINS used by millions of people in Britain to prevent heart illness could be the key to beating Alzheimer’s, say researchers.

A daily dose of the pill costing as little as 40p may ward off the cruel brain disease.

Scientists found that Simvastatin – the statin most frequently prescribed in the UK and commonly given to elderly patients – improved blood flow in the brain while boosting learning and memory.

The breakthrough could have vital consequences for the long-term health of the nation. At least 850,000 people here have dementia, with more than half suffering from Alzheimer’s. The figure is expected to soar by 1.7million within the next 40 years as the population ages.

The new study brings hope of halting the illness through early intervention. More than six million people in this country take statins, usually in a 40mg dose, to reduce artery-clogging cholesterol which in turn can cause heart attacks, heart disease and stroke.
Our study shows that Simvastatin can protect against some of the ­damaging effects of ­Alzheimer’s disease

The wonder drug is credited with saving tens of thousands of lives in recent years. Now research is proving the link between heart health and protecting the brain from the ravages of memory loss and associated miseries.

Study leader Dr Edith Hamel, from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, said: “Our study shows that Simvastatin can protect against some of the damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease on nerve cells involved in memory, if administered early in the disease process.”

Alzheimer’s destroys nerve cells and effects the function of blood vessels in the brain.

However, recent studies appear to show that people who take statins before they are elderly are at a reduced risk of the killer illness. The Canadian team led by Dr Hamel had previously found that Simvastatin improved blood flow in the brains of year-old laboratory mice with Alzheimer’s.

Now their new study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, has found it also boosted learning and memory in six-month-old mice whose disease had not progressed as far.

This means the drug may be effective against Alzheimer’s if given at an early stage of diagnosis. The younger mice had higher levels of two memory-related proteins in the hippocampus, the brain’s key memory centre. In both cases the animals received higher doses of Simvastatin.

Low 10mg doses of the generic drug can be bought over-the-counter without a prescription at pharmacies in the UK. Dr Simon Ridley, of the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “Overall evidence suggests that statins like Simvastatin do not benefit people with dementia, but this suggests the timing of treatment could be vital. Many experts believe that treatments for ­dementia will be most beneficial if given very early in the disease process.

“While these new findings are valuable, the benefits are shown in mice and we don’t know how they will bear out in humans. There is a real need to push on with research that will boost early detection and help sufferers get more benefit from treatments.”

Study leader Dr Hamel agrees more research is needed to prove if humans could benefit.


    Folks this article above is complete and utter quackery and rubbish pushed by the medical inquisition. Statin drugs are being pushed for everything under the Sun and soon if you have an itch they will push these Statins for that. Remember a while ago how they were talking about dishing these pills out in bloody McDonalds and Burger King to fight cholesterol? Well first of all you need to make sure you know all the ins and outs of this cholesterol myth and its very important you do not take these drugs and do not synthetically play around with your natural cholesterol levels. Then you need to study all the side-effects of these poisons and note how quickly they work and destroy Liver function. You will show up very quickly with damaged Liver enzymes if you start using this trash.

    When one hurts the Liver they also eventually hurt the Kidneys mostly through the knock on effect with the Spleen function being taken out as the Liver balances the Spleen which itself balances the Kidneys. Now when one understands that the brain is controlled and fed by the Kidneys, would it make sense to hurt those Kidneys further if one has dementia? You should be restoring the Kidney function not hindering it and to do this you have to definitely work on this matrix of Liver, Spleen and Kidney together. So in future look at these mainstream health articles for what they really are backward rubbish which only has a use in populace control and reduction. Rather than using these medical synthetic poisons, you would be much better off with safe neutral herbs like Ginkgo biloba. You could look at another alternative such as Glutathione nebulizing for this problem which works great although the effects only last for hours.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • eagle1

    I’m especially interested in any help for Alzheimer since my dad recently got it diagnosed that he has it.I live in Kentucky and he lives in the West Mids Eng. Its getting like an epidemic globally, where was alzheimers 100yrs ago?. It didnt exist. I’m thinking that its a combination of man made causes which include fluoridated water and his low fat diet which he thought would keep him heart healthy. But it seems that poor quality food is all the intention and part of breaking down of our mental/physical health of the populace. More dependent on big pharma, and people with alzeimers will be a candidate for euthanisation because of the medical costs. All part of the un’s bio-ethics agenda. Food is getting poorer and poorer, and its costing more and more to get quality non processed items. Ive told my mom to get him on Gingko, fish oil supplements, and coconut oil and whatever else you recommend.

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