The Pope get’s exposed by Khalid Muhammad


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  • theunhivedmind

    May I remind you that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton are FBI Division #5 connected and members of the secretive Boule Society. I have some bad news for Khalid Muhammad and that is that the Nation of Islam is mastered by the Archbishop of Chicago and the Jesuits. I also am very sad to inform him that Islam was created by the Papacy as exposed by ex-Jesuit, Alberto Rivera and others such as Professor Walter J. Veith in detail. It is true that the Pope and the Jews have all been involved in the slave trade. Dr David Duke of the KKK (also controlled by the Archbishop of Chicago) excellently exposed the Jewish slave trade. The people are only allowed to hear about the Protestant slave traders and this is due to the continuing Council of Trent and Counter-Reformation by the Jesuits.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    The World Masters of Slavery Documentary HD from DavidDukeTV on Vimeo.

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