The Powerful House of Keswick

Keswick’s got a real grouse…

By Richard Kay
Updated: 08:52, 30 September 2011

Chairman of Trafalgar House Simon Keswick
Hunting goes wrong: Simon Keswick had an extraordinarily narrow escape from serious injury following a shooting accident on a remote grouse moor north of the border

The Duke of Wellington so frequently missed the birds and shot fellow sportsmen and beaters on the grouse moors of Victorian Britain that it was considered an honour to be winged by him.

This is not a sentiment shared by Simon Keswick, scion of the vastly wealthy Scottish merchant clan.

For Simon, I learn, has had an extraordinarily narrow escape from serious injury following a shooting accident on a remote grouse moor north of the border.

Thankfully, Keswick, 59, director of Jardine Matheson Holdings, has made a full recovery after the sporting mishap in which a beater was also injured.

The event occurred during a shooting party at the Keswick family-owned Hunthill, an 18,000-acre sporting estate in Angus. Simon, younger brother of Sir Chips and Sir Henry Keswick, was among the house party.

The estate, near Brechin, is noted for the profusion of its red grouse and attracts some of the best shots from Britain and abroad.

Another of the guns was the Duke of Marlborough’s nephew, Old Etonian David Waterhouse, 55, something of a professional house guest.

The former Life Guards major was a ‘walker’ of the late Princess Diana and enjoys making regular excursions to the smartest homes. He also has a reputation as a decent shot.


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While the former Cavalry officer was present when the shooting occurred, mystery surrounds what actually happened.

‘Simon was apparently standing some distance from the person who fired when he was unexpectedly hit,’ says my source.

‘He suffered injuries to his face from pellets. The man who discharged his gun was mortified.’

Keswick and the beater who was hit were treated at the scene.

‘It quickly became apparent neither had been seriously injured, but it did put rather a damper on the day,’ adds my source.

‘The person responsible offered profuse apologies, but one does tend to frown on these things.’


  • theunhivedmind

    I was one of the first and only people to highlight this family’s power within the New Venice empire that rules today.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • keenly

    Speaking of the Venetians;

    UHM; here is the video reply form Bob Chapman to your question. clearly says 10-15 Italian banking houses that have come down through centuries. Pallavinci are one; so where the others? These families are the real power! Bob has studied them, damn I would love to read his notes. Is he still alive?
    Does this mean Count Vittorio could of been telling the truth? Or are different families involved? Who got kicked out of Venice?

    • theunhivedmind

      If you want to know more on actual banking family names especially connected with New Venice then I suggest you go over Dr John Coleman’s work like the Committee of 300 book and others where he does expose a lot of names. Bob Chapman was not an authority on the elite conspiracy he basically kept mostly to the Bilderberg type level. People mostly only wanted to listen to Bob Chapman talk about gold and the current economic type issues. It amazed me how many of the herd would be annoyed if he talked about other subjects, why this happened God only knows because he ended up repeating a lot on so many shows and mostly because of the herd asking the same questions. I tried to bring out more information from him when he was on blogtalkradio and as I said the herd and gatekeepers were disliking it. Bob Chapman died of an aggressive cancer of the pancreas and I believe the guy he trusted with his life was paid off to make sure he died by conning Chapman he was getting well. Bob Chapman had a kind of manager if I recall and he organized that treatment. I’ve found that almost all of the alternative media is controlled and so I would never trust anyone in this way who has a connection to the alternative media.

      No the information that was fed from Venice was a diversion tactic and to put blame all on Rome and Florence whilst keeping people away from the Venetian powers. The only bloodline of worth that was mentioned was the Orsini. The Aldobrandini are no longer true Aldobrandini and basically they are Borghese wannabes etc. What you need to know about the battle of this conspiracy at the top is simply the war between Florence and Venice or shall we say the systems they employ. Now was it any wonder that the Venetian would bring up Orsini seeing as this bloodline is also made up alot of scioning with the Medici family. I will give you a tip and it is a great one, never ever trust a Venetian, they make Jesuits even look like truth givers believe me. Venetians were always crypto-Catholics just using the religion as a veil until they could destroy it as we’ve seen prior and most definitely after 1962.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • keenly

    So Coleman knew his stuff then? I thought he blamed the Queen, as if she was actually powerful? The Queen’s ancestor’s got their titles from the Pope of Rome, who was likely from a particular noble family; how does she end up serving whilst they lost power? If the Jesuits are obsessed with bloodlines, surely they would trace the descendants of the families that created the order? I will review this book again.

    William Cooper mentioned ‘brotherhood of the snake’; I presume he was talking about the sane ancient families? Their symbolism is all over Rome, is it not? A snake eating itself.

    How do the Percy family tie into this? What about the Massamo family?

    I do not think we will ever know the true rulers unless a whistle blower wants to risk their life, provide evidence, pictures etc.

    To me it makes sense that the Pope families would still be involved however maybe under totally different names?

    Have you read the book; the geology of the popes? This is an historical book; not a conspiracy one. It is stated that the Conti family had at least 9 popes, possibly 13 from their line in the Vatican. If they could have power for so long, why not today? I am obviously speculating but these are interesting questions. I am sure Leo Zagami would know or could find out IF he had the testicular fortitude.

    This brings me back to the Jesuits; who actually rules them? Who calls the shots? Certain families must be above them and use them as the Borgias did centuries ago. Would certain high level 4th vow Jesuits know the whole picture, or is even the Black Pope kept in the dark?

    • theunhivedmind

      Yes of course Dr John Coleman had vital information towards exposing this conspiracy. Do you honestly not believe that the Queen is powerful? She is a descendant of the Guelph bloodline! Pope’s cannot control all sides my friend otherwise there would not have been the Ghibellines or the Venetians. Can you show me today a Pope that has come from an ancient powerful bloodline that is higher than Queen Elizabeth II’s (Doge of New Venice)? Do you think a Nazi brown shirt called Ratzinger, John Paul II or even this Bergoglio Jesuit compares in blood to QEII? These people are almost mere commoners in comparison to QEII.

      I should point out that many of the ancient popish bloodlines no longer exist and this occurs when the last son does not produce a child. You may find some bloodlines which still carry some blood like the powerful Orsini which carries Medici blood which died out on its own and was connected with Florence. Now can you see why the Venetian agent would highlight Orsini so the attention stays clear of New Venice agents? We do have Breakspeare’s in existence but no concrete proof they are truly descendants of the likes of Nicholas Breakspeare the British Pope.

      The Jesuits have great admiration for the Borja bloodline far more than that of Ignatius Loyola. Francis Borja was the front financier and founder of the Jesuit Order and the true Black Pope never Loyola. Francis Borja is highly worshipped by Jesuits. The Brotherhood of the Snake was the continuum of The Brotherhood of the Dragon this is what you might call the true Illuminati core not the offshoots. Might I remind you that the Vatican means divine dragon! The Brotherhood’s symbolism is all over the world from Egypt to England and everywhere else.

      The Perci family go under numerous names like Pearce which is where you get the being going under the name of Barbara Bush. I am not too sure about this fifth degree witch because I believe her roots come from Nazi Germany like her husband who is really a Scherff not a Bush. The Perci’s are Normans who took control over Britain from 1066 onwards and these families have ruled the roost over Britain until the Venetians got involved and now the power is shared out accordingly in New Venice. I’ve explained before how it is all about scions and hiding in blood! So for example Prince William has numerous scions including Sforza and Medici so yes he is very powerful and that is why he is hyped up so much, do not deny the power of the British Royal family, this is what New Venice wants. Now Prince William’s child has been scioned with Goldschmidt etc so he will have further power. Do a study on the bloodline scions and that of Diana and Charles. Leo Zagami and similar others will never highlight QEII, New Venice and instead focus on the Florence system, they will play games and keep many things secret and hidden. Leo Zagami is supposedly related to the Queen mother through his Lyon bloodline so are we to be surprised that he protects New Venice?

      We have to forget about the Black Pope today, it is true he has hardly any powers within the Jesuit Order compared to times of old (Adolfo Nicholas was not exactly lying when confronted on this question in the U.S). We have to focus on other much higher level Jesuits which I’ve explained in my interview, the real movers and shakers who do the real work and hold the real knowledge. This does not deny the power of the Jesuits, it merely denies the old power of the Black Pope over the order and instead other Jesuits dominate the power. In truth no one man can dominate an order, at the top of any power there would always be at least three beings to make great decisions and in the Black Pope’s case it was always his closest assistants in the Assistancy. Eric Jon Phelps and others have not progressed further than the old knowledge of the Order and we are now hundreds of years ahead and times change as they did during World War II. The power continuum of Venice control the Jesuit Order just as the old powers like Gasparo Contarini did as he handled Loyola. These same powers created other orders who have been made as somewhat opposites to the Jesuits but at the top they fit like a hand in silk gloves aiding control of both sides of the coin. Many years ago we would have been whacked for mentioning some of what we do, it is only because the control over the minds of the flock has become so deep and entrenched that they let us get away with it since they muddy the waters at the same time etc.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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