The Reich’s Declaration of War on the Soviet Union

The Reich’s Declaration of War on the Soviet Union

Mike Walsh — The Rebel Nov 30, 2015

Invited to list the ten most important books of the 20th Century I certainly include The Fuhrer’s Proclamation to the German People. It is commonly thought that the Reich made a fatal blunder in attacking an unprepared, defenceless Russia. If this is your view it is perfectly understandable; it is what you have been told to think.

The first question we must ask ourselves is why, given its importance, is The Fuhrer’s Proclamation suppressed? Until now it has been available only as an ‘under the counter’ purchase. In appearance it was no more than another dull government information publication. This is how the victors would prefer it.

Whoa! Mike Walsh, with his gift for bringing books to life, has done it again. Now available on Amazon Books and Kindle is the illustrated The Proclamation (The Reich Declaration of War on Russia). The Fuhrer does not mince his words; he tells it like it is. The book’s begins with the Fuhrer’s address to the German people. This masterful diagnostic and honest orator sets out his reasons for making war on Bolshevik Occupied Russia.

The German leader’s clarification is followed by a series of reports from various Reich departments. Previously secret revelations support the necessity for the Reich’s pre-emptive strikes on the Soviet Union. The facts are well presented and leave even the most critical reader with the conclusion that the Reich had no choice; the Reich was responding to Russian aggression, not initiating hostilities.

Cui bono, the Reich’s response to Stalin’s plans to invade Germany led directly to the defeat of the Reich and the spoils, Germany and Europe, being divided between the conquerors. As the venerable English historian, A. J. P. Taylor pointed out; ‘Hitler fought a defensive war.’ Like the invasions of Poland, France, and Norway, Germany’s declaration of war on the USSR was forced on the besieged Reich by the intrigues of the cabalistic Soviet Union, Washington DC and London. Here is the damning proof that Germany’s war on Russia was started and inflamed by the rapacious intrigues of Wall Street, Washington and the Kremlin.

‘Uncle Joe’s’ Red Army, between 1919 and 1940, attacked and occupied nine previously independent nations. Moscow miscalculated when; in November 1939 they invaded neighbouring Finland. The Red Army was roundly defeated by this small nation of farmers. Two years after Churchill’s declaration of war against the much antagonised Germany, the boastful Bolsheviks, sponsored by the U.S and England, once again misjudged when they amassed 160 divisions that in spring 1941 were poised to invade the Reich.

The worker’s Reich had no intention of Germany becoming No 10 in Stalin’s ambitious plans for world domination. The Reich’s Declaration of War (USSR) credibly proves that the Reich had little choice but to thwart Soviet ambitions. Adolf Hitler, and his security services, spells out their reasons for thwarting Soviet ambitions.

This is not a Wilbur Smith novel. It is however an essential addition to the library of anyone who wants an informed view of the progress of World War Two. The reader’s reward will be that, when engaged in conversation with those less well informed, he will emerge with honours from the verbal fray.

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A version of this article of our contributor Mike Walsh was first published on Renegade Tribune

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