The Separatists are fine as long as the Central Intelligence Agency backs them

April 24-25, 2014 — Separatists are fine as long as the CIA backs them

The Central Intelligence Agency, using its assets in George Soros’s massive Open Society Institute network and other non-governmental organization fronts subsidized by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has turned up the heat on Russia’s alleged backing of eastern and southern Ukrainian separatists. Russia has been accused on backing the separatists who declared the Republic of Crimea, which was then accepted as a member of the Russian Federation, and the People’s Republic of Kharkov, the People’s Republic of Donetsk, and the People’s Republic of Odessa.

Unlike the so-called “Republic of Kosovo,” which the U.S. and NATO split from Serbia and declared later to be an independent nation, a unilateral action not recognized by the United Nations, and the Republic of South Sudan, a personal pet project of National Security Adviser Susan Rice which had no history of independence, the three new Russophile republics in eastern Ukraine have actual histories as independent nation-states.

On February 12, 1918, Kharkov and Donetsk were part of the independent Donetsk-Krivoy Soviet Socialist Republic. A month later, the republic was occupied by Ukrainian forces backed by Kaiser Wilhelm’s German army.

Donetsk-Krivoy had its own flag, a variation of which has been adopted as the flag of the People’s Republic of Donetsk, which is now battling against central Ukrainian government troops backed by the CIA and the U.S. mercenary firm Greystone Ltd., which is headquartered on paper in Barbados.

Likewise, Crimea was independent as the Taurida Soviet Socialist Republic in early 1918 until German and central Ukrainian forces invaded and occupied the republic.

Flag of independent Donetsk-Krivoy SSR (left) and newly-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk (right).

Odessa was the Odessa Soviet Republic from January 31 to March 13, 1918 when it was invaded by German and Austro-Hungarian troops. The Odessa Soviet Republic had its own flag and issued its own postage stamps and currency.

Flag of Odessa Soviet Republic (left), Odessa 5 ruble note, flag of newly-proclaimed Odessa Republic.

Flag of the independent Taurida Soviet Socialist Republic of Crimea. Flag of Crimea Republic, now part of Russian Federation.

The Western media is now referring to eastern and southern Ukrainian separatists as “terrorists,” following the line from the mixed Neo-Nazi and Zionist government in Kiev.

The CIA, while condemning separatists over which it maintains no control, has had a long history of supporting secessionists, especially in India. In 1984, as CIA archival documents indicate, the CIA was burned when details of its support for Sikh separatists in India became publicly known.

CIA agents were caught providing a bomb to Sikh separatists in Punjab that was used at a Hindu temple. Several Hindu worshipers were killed and wounded. CIA instructors were discovered training Dal Khalsa and Babbar Khalsa Sikh separatists (called “terrorists” by India) in camps inside Pakistan. The Sikhs aimed to split Punjab from India and declare it an independent state under Pakistani protection. The CIA ensured that the Western media reported the strife in Punjab merely as “religious clashes” resulting from the central government’s “infringement” on the rights of Sikhs.

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