The Space Program: Reawakening America’s Soul

The Space Program: Reawakening America’s Soul

Expedition 47 Flight Engineer Jeff Williams of NASA presses his hand up to his wife’s through the glass while in quarantine, just prior to launch on the Soyuz TMA-20M spacecraft on Mar 18, 2016 in Kazakhstan. (NASA/Victor Zelentsov)

In an Easter Sunday dialogue with associates, Lyndon LaRouche underscored the urgency of the United States returning to the principles of the space program as a mission for all of humanity.

The emphasis must be on the principle of the space program, which has to be activated, he said. “You can’t just go out and make a suggestion; you have to lay it out.” The organizing drive being led by LPAC Policy Committee member Kesha Rogers in Texas “is the basis for our organization’s total program, including our outreach of our activity into other parts of the world.”

This is fully consonant with the central role of Manhattan in our organizing activity, including this Easter Sunday’s Messiah concert. “Our leadership is essentially located in Manhattan. Everything that we can accomplish here, in the United States, is largely based on the dependency on the concept of Manhattan.” LaRouche said that “you will not succeed in anything in the United States without that program. So that goes right back to the space program in Texas,” and pulling that together with cooperation with China, Russia and other nations of relevance in that part of the world.

This global program–to return a sense of science-driven mission to mankind–also means that “you end the British system; you shut the British system down. We don’t need it anymore; we don’t want it anymore.” And that of course includes removing their agent-in-place, Barack Obama, from office.

China and Russia are doing their part. The Syrian army, with crucial air support from Russia, has just retaken the historic city of Palmyra–a victory against the British Empire’s satanic ISIS, appropriately delivered on Easter Sunday. And China is continuing its relentless drive for global win-win cooperation, centered on their program for initiating the exploration of the far side of the Moon in the next few years, which is the scientific beacon for the entire planet and the science-driver behind China’s One Belt One Road policy.

For example, on March 28, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in the Czech Republic, where he and President Milos Zeman will sign agreements making the Czech Republic a hub for Chinese economic activity in the EU and Europe generally. This will include cooperation on nuclear power, high-speed rail, and other major infrastructure projects, such as the Danube-Oder-Elbe Canal. That particular waterway has been a central feature of the LaRouche movement’s programmatic proposals for Europe, going back to our 1990 “Productive Triangle” plan, and earlier.

But to defeat the British Empire, the United States must be organized to join these policies, to return to the principles of the space program and reawaken its soul. Here–as in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere–the role of the numerically-small but strategically-powerful LaRouche movement is crucial. Without it, the planet will not find a pathway out of Hell.

Recognizing that reality and acting upon it, is central to success. That was the significance of the March 23 EIR seminar in Frankfurt, “Solving the Economic and Refugee Crises with the New Silk Road,” headed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche. And it will be that of the April 7 Schiller Institute event in Manhattan: “Building A World Land-Bridge: Realizing Mankind’s True Humanity.”

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