The true seat of WORLD POWER over the revived Roman Empire

The Curia Generalizia

World headquarters of the Society of Jesus

Based in missile defense protected, Borgo Santo Spirito

(The Most Powerful Land On Earth)

Borgo S. Spirito 4
C.P. 6139
00195 Roma-Prati

Borgo Santo Spirito is a Fortress with-in the Vatican City, with its own passport and nation, like the Vatican City and SMOM. Its a nest with-in a nest. Crazy thought now isn’t it! Only the library is sometimes open to the public and even that requires a visa.

Main Jesuit Bases(in Italy):
Borgo Santo Spirito – Vatican City
Scottish Rite Headquarters or (Piazza di Gesu) – where the tomb of Loyola is –
Villa Farnese – Caprarola
Castle Buonconsiglio – Where the council of Trent was signed – Trento

Main SMOM bases( in Italy):
Lake Trasimeno – Perugia
Aventino Hill Headquarters – Rome facing the UN’s FAO
VIA CONDOTTI – Rome – The Luxury shopping district where the Grand Master’s residence is.

One comment

  • May I remind you that Emperor Juan Carlos dwells when in Italy at Villa Medici within Villa Borghese which is protected by the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia and not far from the World headquarters of the Knights of Malta of which he’s a high level member as well as a member within its overseers such as the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Make note that the Aventine hill headuarters of the Knights of Malta is the old Knights Templar World headquarters which the Knights of Malta basically stole when the Pope has Papal Bull Ad Providam created in 1312. You should note that this same Aventine headquarters is classed as a vessel just as cathedrals are designed as symbolism for vessels of the high seas of commerce aka sea of souls, where the ecclestiastical power comes from aka Mary and the maritime. Not the other headquarters of the Knights being at Lake Trasimeno how perfect for the greatest merchants on Earth, the ones from Amalfi. Remember all business is conducted under Admiralty Law and Maritime Admiralty Law which originates out of Phoenicia and was perfected by the Roman Empire and based now on Vatican Canon Law giving you color of law fiction known as Roman Civil Law, the same law usurping Protestant nations and the freedom of Common Law thee law of those lands.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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