The Two Paradigms in Stark Contrast

The Two Paradigms in Stark Contrast

Oct 18 2016

Russian President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov in discussion with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. December 2015 Photo:

Intense meetings of European and American political and military leaders are taking place across Europe this week, discussing and planning wars — wars in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Ukraine. And underlying all these talks is Obama’s and London’s frantic efforts to get support for a war on Russia and China. Increasingly, European governments and/or leading institutions are resisting that madness, but provocations are being planned by Obama and his Defense Secretary Ash Carter that could kick-start an irreversible process towards war, threatening civilization itself with a nuclear holocaust.

Yet, the vast majority of the world is looking to China, Russia and India, who met last weekend with their BRICS partners Brazil and South Africa in Goa, India, kick-starting not war, but global development, with high speed rail projects connecting nations through a World Land-Bridge; signing agreements for nuclear power construction and other infrastructure, collaboration in space exploration; and lifting the millions of poverty-stricken people in Asia, Africa and South America up to human standards of living, just as China has lifted 700 million souls out of poverty.

Which paradigm will determine the future of mankind? To a great extent, that will be determined in the United States. As the war party mobilizes its forces, and as the irreversible collapse of Deutsche Bank’s derivative-saturated assets spreads panic through the western financial system, the wreckage of the Obama administration, and the hatred of the population for Obama and his clone Hillary Clinton, is only partially suppressed by the pornographic clown show being performed by the presidential candidates and the sick media who are promoting it.

Elections, as envisioned by America’s Founding Fathers, were about more than choosing political representatives — they were a time for intelligent people to address and educate the citizenry on fundamental principles of natural law, and on the mission of the nation for the world’s future. That is the reason that Lyndon LaRouche’s campaigns for President over three decades had a deep and lasting impact on the nation, despite relatively few votes, and despite constant attacks from the government and from the media.

Never in the nation’s history have candidates been so reviled by the population as in the current election, although in many cases neither major candidate was qualified for the position. The population has only one choice — vote for principle, mobilize the citizenry for LaRouche’s ideas, his Four Laws, based on Alexander Hamilton’s profound discoveries, and a restoration of classical music and culture.

As Friedrich Schiller said, we must all be, at the same time, patriots of our nations and citizens of the world. In that way citizens of all nations can assist in the awesome task of reversing America’s descent into British Imperial Hell, and bring this once great nation into alignment with the paradigm of human progress.

What would Hamilton do? Find out.

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