The U.S Government wants to rip you off and stops fuel efficient machinery

I am in the mood for a rant

8 oct 2014

This morning, when I got on my cheap and efficient Honda motorcycle, I thought about how Americans get ripped off on so many things. Though the absense of my cheap and efficient Honda in America can be explained away by the fact that it cannot do over 60 on the interstate, there are other options such as the Bajaj Pulsar (pictured to the left) available that can do 90 (good enough for a speeding ticket anywhere) and these options are reliable, cheap, and still get 130 plus miles per gallon.

I have been eying a Bajaj Pulsar, which is based on and manufactured side by side with the KTM Duke 200 (with the Bajaj getting superior engine management technology). This motorcycle can do 90 mph comfortably, get 130 mpg while doing so, has extremely advanced engine controls on a 4 valve liquid cooled engine with triple spark ignition system (the first like it in the world, which is the reason for great fuel economy on a reasonably powerful bike), is fully interstate road worthy and would sell in the U.S. for around $2,000 if it was allowed in. Obviously it will not be allowed in simply because the fuel economy is far too good and the bike hits a price point that would give Americans a break on something real.

I then thought about another Mexican available product called the Volkswagen Clasico. The Clasico weighs in at a ton and a half empty, the lowest model has power door locks and AC, Air bags, and other things such as completely fly by wire engine controls and great emissions, yet the completely crash test safe full sized Clasico, similar in size to a Cadillac XTS is not allowed into America because it gets 50 mpg, can cruise at 110 mph perfectly safely with a top speed much higher and sells for only $12,000 U.S.

In Mexico, Clasicos get driven fruitcake fast on the auto pista and are indistiguishable from late model BMW and Mercedes cars at high speed, they actually are excellent and handle extremely well. It makes the Toledo I talked about look comparatively lackluster, and it is just too good of a car for too cheap to be sold in America. These are, as far as I know, at least allowed up to the U.S. without the threat of them being crushed the way the Toledo will be if you bring one up but you cannot buy a Clasico in the U.S.

And then I got to thinking about the scorpion anti venom anascorp, which is administered in Mexico practically anywhere for only $100, yet a single dose in America costs over $30,000 simply because the scamming medical community, after enormous profits, chooses to absolutely screw people in trouble.

And then I started to get mad. You see, the Jewish community controls all three of the above, it is they who have written the ridiculous laws that keep everything decent regarding transportation out of the country, medical expenses through the roof, and many other things pathetic and life destroyingly expensive such as housing, and they do it for control and absolutely maximized profit.

It is possible to live as well in Mexico on 20 percent of the money it would take to live equally in America, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY? I will tell you why – because the scam that has become the Government has made sure Americans get every last penny sucked out of them that could possibly be taken and have them still survive. This is reflected in a cost of living at least 5x higher than it should be.

Mexicans look up in America and see the high pay as a dream. But nowadays when they go up the good productive ones who will not go on welfare quickly realize that it takes ALL OF THAT just to live, with a stress load much higher than what they had in Mexico. Many of the productive ones return to Mexico, and the bad ones stay in America and collect welfare. That again pisses me off.

And so I just had to rant . . . . . .

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