The visit of Victoria Nuland to Moscow costs a default may, promises terror

Generally speaking, the RAID of the hawk is seldom without noise. But this time visit the bright representative of the American hawk tribe Victoria Nuland in Moscow was not accompanied by even a flurry of wings. That, you see, in the current intensive exchange of birds between Washington and Moscow in itself is strange.

The second oddity is that information about the intentions Nuland in the Russian capital is only meeting with presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, but no responsible for the sector of the CIS in Russian foreign Ministry Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin. According to the Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin, it is possible that Karasin just might not want to meet with Nuland, neo-conservative, openly expressing a deep antipathy towards Russia amid the current deterioration of relations with the United States.

Besides, the Russian diplomat today has nothing more to tell, nor to hear from Americans about Ukraine – namely, to discuss the Ukrainian Affairs officially came to the U.S. assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia. “Victoria Nuland will meet with Vladislav Surkov. It is expected that the focus will be on the Ukrainian theme” – so, at least, indicates the Agency TASS with reference to its sources in diplomatic circles.

Victoria Nuland had nothing to say.

The messenger of the state Department – not the dove of peace, and the most that neither is a hawk. Therefore doubly curious why decided to use it and what message this bird of prey has arrived. The fact that, as every neocon Nuland believes in American exceptionalism and considers Russia geopolitical enemy. Her husband is Robert Kagan, a well – known supporter of US intervention in the Affairs of other countries and the founder of the “Project for the new American century”, promoting the construction of a global American Empire.As noted by one of the American informants of Constantinople, Nuland in this capacity, and accessories today, more and more is closely related to the team of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, now playing the role of the official flag-bearer rushing to direct power in America the neocons. She has worked in the state Department when he was there “Killary” as the head and is said to have enjoyed the confidence of Clinton, becoming even the spokesman of the state Department.

Despite the fact that the then Clinton suffered a local defeat in the battle with President Obama and colorescience leaders, career Nuland is not affected. How evil tongues say, helped in this it belongs to neoconservative circles in the United States are United not only by ideology but also a common origin. But anyway, many expect today that if Clinton wins the election, Victoria has to win his next personal Victoria and to take one of the highest posts in the new presidential administration.

It is therefore clear that at the official level – at the level of Karasin – she has nothing to say through him to the Russian leadership. Formally, it is practically none – the outgoing leader with the outgoing President. In fact, it is the representative announced the information yet, but Russia’s war neoconservatives. Theoretically, it is the representative of the Clinton administration, but for the time being again, no.

More interesting, in what format, Nuland will bring your vision of the Ukrainian problem today also face unofficial, although very, so to speak, “actual” – responsible for Ukrainian Affairs, the assistant to the President Vladislav Surkov.

On this account the sources of Constantinople at this time – zero information and only speculation.

From the point of view, again, is formal, if to consolidate their cautious views, the official promises “to discuss the situation in Eastern Ukraine and next steps in the implementation of the Minsk agreements”, and besides, to support the “Normandy format” – at the moment no more than a cover. It is clear that the Minsk agreement rested in the viscous resistance of the Kiev junta, which openly stalling until the advent of the new administration in Washington. Recent primaries have shown that the population of the Donbass republics maintains its power and into the arms of the Nazi Ukraine in no hurry.In these circumstances, in Kiev could only get stronger and stronger point of view on the revision of the Minsk agreements. More precisely, the permutation in the last paragraph to the first: first to be transferred to Kiev control over the borders of the DNR and LC with Russia, and on their law enforcement systems – and then to elections, Amnesty, and everything else, which is not too bad to promise, knowing that to fulfill the promise is not required.

As for the “Normandy format”, then again, it is clear that in these circumstances, President Putin need to meet with the head of the junta Poroshenko, began to send saboteurs and terrorists in Russia. In fact, there is no need to meet with the heads of Germany and France – because they first have to finish their part and force Poroshenko to fulfill the Minsk agreement in the manner and to the extent as they were signed.And, in General, it is difficult to imagine that Putin, just under the guise of the decree on the freezing of “plutonium agreement” presented fairly stringent conditions for the restoration of Russian-American relations, rushed to respond positively to such proposals Nuland. With that, contrary to official assurances, to bring her would be foolish.

Then what she came from?

…but there is something to threaten

As noted in a conversation with Tsar Vladimir Zharikhin, he on this account there are “two versions – positive and pessimistic”. “The Americans have now two options, he suggested. The first of them is that they will continue strenuously planed “Syrian wand” – that is, some children will be fired on behalf of Russia, something like that. The second is to make serious Benz in Ukraine, that is, to give the team Poroshenko a little war”.

“American companions have already arrived in Moscow in July 2008, the negotiations were conducted, and then gave Saakashvili the command to shoot, said Vladimir Zharikhin. – Unfortunately, today such a scenario has already been to Ukraine, too, is not excluded.”

The expert did not rule out the correctness of a assumptions in a recent publication of Constantinople that, in the framework of the recently announced embarrassing Washington’s threats of terrorist attacks in Russia, their implementation can be used Ukrainian Nazis and the security services. And because it is possible that Nuland came with the intention not only to assess the mood in the Kremlin, but to scare Russian politicians terror from Kiev.
At least, it is precisely such terror in her power…

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