The War of the P2 lodge and the Jesuit Order Timeline

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Berean Wasbiad
The War of the P2 lodge and the Jesuit Order Timeline:
January 20, 1981-Licio Gelli, head of the Masonic Lodge, Propaganda Due (P2) is invited to the inaugural ball of Ronald Reagan
March 30, 1981-Assasination attempt on Ronald Reagen by a man linked to George HW Bush of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (Nazi Black intelligence in the USA) with ties to the P2 lodge and the Jesuit Order
March 1981-Raid and mediatic exposure of the P2 lodge (obviously done by the Jesuit Order)
Wednesday, 13 May 1981-John Paul II was shot obviously staged by Mehmet Ali Acga (Mehmet later claims that it was sources within the Vatican that backed him up, obviously the Jesuit Order
May 21, 1981-Roberto Calvi, member of the Propaganda Due lodge and a leader of the Vatican Bank is arrested on charges of illegally transferring funds abroad.
17 June 1982- Roberto Calvi is found hanged from the Blackfriars Bridge, (Blackfriars were monks of the Dominican Order of the Catholic church and a code name for the Propaganda Due lodge)
22 June 1983-Emanuela Orlandi, citizen of Vatican City, daughter of a Vatican employee disappears mysteriously, muslims demand the release of Mehmet Ali Agca in exchange for her release, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus (partner of Roberto Calvi) was alleged to be part of the kidnapping, although no charges were ever laid.
1984-US. President Ronald Reagan establishes full diplomatic relations with the Vatican since 1867 (2 years from the murder of Abraham Lincoln)
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La Verdad Nos Libertarámmmm… i did not knew that of Ronald Reagan… i guess if that would be the reason behind the attack against him… and i am refering to the connection between reagan and the p2… we must remember that reagan made an alliance with Wojtyla against the Jesuit Order during the time of the old Arrupe. And they were killed by Kolvenbach for that!
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La Verdad Nos LibertaráYes… you understand it… that time: 1981-83 was the time when the IHS waged a little battle against the P2 because they wanted more power… Remember that that was also the time when the EE.UU. forced the Argentinian Militar Junta (of the P2) to become more democratic…
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La Verdad Nos LibertaráWe must understand also that the P2 was instrumental in the creation of the Iranian Revolution… an Argentinian member of the P2 was the mediator between the hostages of Khomeini and the USA… Also… During the 80’s the Iran-Contra Affairs erupted… and it was closely connected with Reagan doesn’t it? well notice that Iran is of the P2 and that the Contras were fighting against the FSLN of Nicaragua which was created by the Jesuit Order…
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La Verdad Nos Libertarákind of look like we are alone on this… dont forget about the kings of the north and of the south prophecied in the book of daniel…
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La Verdad Nos LibertaráAnd i will say even more… and send this to other anti-jesuits brothers if you want… The Militars of El Salvador that killed those Jesuits priests… Ellacurria et cetera… was commanded by the Propaganda Due… Roberto d’Aubuisson, the creator of the political party ARENA of El Salvador, had close ties with the P2, with the p2ist member of the argentinian militar junta Guillermo Suarez Mason, with the p2ist italian terrorist Stefano Delle Chiaie, etc… So, the killing of the archbishop Romero and later of those Jesuit in El Salvador (The Savior) was made by the Propaganda Due against the Jesuit Order…
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La Verdad Nos Libertará

La nueva Contra – Invitado – Edición N° 7 – Revista del CCC | Centro Cultural de la Cooperación Flor
Ejecutado a sólo cinco meses de la asunción de Barack Obama, el golpe en Hondura
s inauguró la “nueva” era de la política de los EEUU para América Latina. Detrás del secuestro y destierro del presidente Zelaya quedó expuesto el carácter de una línea trazada para derrocar por distintos medios a los go…
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La Verdad Nos LibertaráBut now we must understand that ‘Il Buratinaio’ wrote in his ‘Piano di Rinascimento Democratico’ the plan to transmutate his militar fascists regimes in democratical civil regimes… the same p2ist that controlled argentina during the ’76-’83 still controls it now with the Kirchners… and i am pretty much convinced that Chavez is more p2ist than jesuit… remeber the jesuitical attempt of coup d’etat against Chavez some years ago…
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La Verdad Nos LibertaráDo you remember that Jesuit Provincials was killed in recent years? In Russia and in Brasil, two pleaces were the Propaganda Due has much power.
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