Third World UK Socialised Medicine let choking Allergy Patient die in hospital


John and Gloria Haworthwere married for 20 years

Tuesday February 28,2012
By Chris Riches

A PATIENT suffering from a fatal allergic reaction after eating a plate of chicken nuggets and chips was told by a doctor “to pull himself together”, his grieving widow said yesterday.

John Haworth’s wife Gloria claims hospital staff “stood by and did nothing” while her husband was left gasping for breath.

She branded them “a disgrace” for failing to spot that he was suffering from an allergic reaction as she accepted an undisclosed six-figure out-of-court settlement by East Lancashire NHS Trust.

John, 58, died of a heart attack triggered by an acute anaphylactic reaction an hour and 41 minutes after getting into an ambulance to go to the Royal Blackburn in Lancashire.

Mrs Haworth, 68, wept as she said: “John could still be here today were it not for the conduct of the hospital staff. He was my soul mate and we had a wonderful 20 years. Two weeks before he died, he said he had everything he wanted in life. He was a fit and healthy man – I’m so lost without him.”

John, an MoT tester, had complained of a sore throat after dinner at the couple’s home at Altham, Lancs, in March 2009. His condition worsened and he was taken to hospital by ambulance at 1.40am.

When the paramedics saw him, they said it looked like an allergic reaction

The couple were told to sit in the waiting-room even though he was struggling to breathe and being sick.

Gloria, a mother-of-two, said: “When the paramedics saw him, they said it looked like an allergic reaction.

Staff didn’t give him anything and kept us waiting. The receptionist said the doctor will see you when it is your turn. It just felt wrong.”

The couple were wrongly sent to an urgent care centre where John eventually saw a doctor 90 minutes later. Gloria added: “John couldn’t speak yet the doctor asked him basic questions about his name and age. He left the room and threw an oxygen mask at John saying, ‘Here, put this on’.

“The doctor thought he had a throat tumour – he hadn’t a clue. He was so rude. I said he looked as though he was having a heart attack but the doctor said, ‘I can see that but he will have to pull himself together’.”

John died at 3.21am.

The cause of his allergy could not be found at an inquest in June 2009.

At the hearing Dr Immanuel Ajawan said he left the patient to get his stethoscope and the second time to get adrenalin. When the doctor placed the spatula on Mr Haworth’s tongue, it caused his airway to close.

East Lancashire NHS Trust admitted care fell below “expected standards” and had John been seen by an anaesthetist the obstruction would have been prevented. The Trust said: “Since 2009, significant changes have taken place in emergency care.”

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