To Silence the Guns of August, Dump the British Empire and Obama

To Silence the Guns of August, Dump the British Empire and Obama

August 7, 2014 • 7:40PM

The British government and British Crown, in their own name, continue to beat the drums for World War III against Russia and China. Chatham House and the Atlantic Council on Thursday organized a “twitter event” pushing the notion that the NATO Charter itself is outmoded and there must be NATO forward deployments into the Eastern European and Baltic states bordering on Russia—despite the fact that this is explicitly banned under the NATO founding document. Rasmussen was in Kiev meeting with Poroshenko, tightening the direct NATO committment to Ukraine, despite the fact that Ukraine is not a NATO member and is not covered by the NATO collective defense clause. Rasmussen has also made outrageous statements asserting NATO’s role in the Asia-Pacific region making it clear that China, too, is in the target zone of these dangerous lunatics.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the MI6 mouthpiece, posted another shrill piece in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday, proclaiming that Putin must decide within the next 72 hours whether to allow the massacre of pro-Russian citizens of eastern Ukraine or invade. The Western media, and even US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, visiting Germany and the headquarters of the European Command, claimed Russia has amassed 20,000 troops on the border with Ukraine and may be preparing an invasion. This has all the validity of the Gulf of Tonkin incident; Russian TV is nightly broadcasting clear footage of OSCE monitors on the Russian side of the border confirming streams of Ukrainian refugees crossing hourly into Russia—but no sign of any military buildup.

In a press conference Wednesday night at the close of the African Summit, President Obama delivered a clear reminder why any sane war-avoidance effort starts with his immediate removal from office. Taking a line from the City of London’s economic warfare fantasies against Putin, Obama lied that “Sanctions are working as intended in putting enormous pressure and strain on the Russian economy… If you look at the markets and you look at estimates in terms of capital flight, if you look at projections for Russian growth, what you’re seeing is the economy has ground to a halt, somewhere between $100 billion and $200 billion capital flights takes place.”

Far more sane Russian and American military specialists know that what is really going on is that Putin is preparing for war and is securing the physical assets that Russia will need for that eventuality. The growing list of physical economic deals being secured with the other BRICS countries, the countries of South America and Asia, tells a far different tale than Obama’s wet dreams of financial warfare.

The drive for war will persist until either there is an outbreak of conflict that will lead to thermonuclear extinction or the root of the problem are eliminated. That means Obama’s immediate impeachment and the passage of Glass Steagall and the implementation of LaRouche’s Four Laws. The drive for Glass Steagall is being driven by the fact that on both sides of the Atlantic, the banks are collapsing and the real economy is in a free-fall. Italy has revised economic data to concede the economy is in negative growth and Spain and France are not far behind. The Banco Espirito Santo crash is still reverberating around Europe. And in the United States, the FDIC has ripped up the so-called living wills of the eleven top US banks, making clear that even Federal regulators know that a big banking crash is coming. With an estimated $1.7-1.9 quadrillion in derivatives exposure, it is obvious that the end is near. To stay on top, the British are driving headlong for war, banking on the idea that their puppet Obama can stay in office long enough to pull the trigger.

As Thomas Hoenig emphasized last year in Senate testimony, we must reinstate Glass Steagall before the whole system crashes. That means now. There are 186 organizations who have endorsed immediate passage of Glass Steagall and we have been leading that fight from the outset. The leading circles promoting Glass Steagall must be fully educated as to the real requirements—LaRouche’s Four Laws including the launching of a global Manhattan Project crash program to overcome the final obstacles to commercial thermonulcear fusion.

With all of this war drive madness, it is crucial to keep a sharp focus on the fact that China is leading the world towards a totally different potential future. China is committed to thermonuclear fusion and to the mining of Helium-3 on the Moon to provide mankind with centuries of cheap, safe high energy flux density power. This is mankind’s true destiny and we must make it clear that China’s efforts must be joined by all of the leading nations of the planet. It is this concrete vision of the future that is the most powerful weapon in our drive to halt the march to war. Lyndon LaRouche intends to use the Friday webcast to present in powerful terms the full significance of China’s Helium-3 science driver program as the key to mankind’s survival and future prosperity. If you want to understand the mindset of the British oligarchy and why they are hell-bent on World War III at this particular moment, you must understand in the most profound of terms what the implications are of the China Helium-3 program.

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