Today’s Marijuana isn’t the same as the original God’s variety

Jim, once again I will tell you there is something weird going on with marijuana. It is not the same weed as it was, it is GM weed. Look at who has most research and patents on it (Israel), and this GM weed is getting promoted and being used by many “mainstream” people. I have almost 35 years experience growing my own stock which is not tainted by the “new” breeds, and the effects are different. You laugh your ass off like in a Cheech and Chong movie, not sit in a vegetative state with no energy. I think this new weed is a delivery system for something else. The people who promote it inhale and immediately exhale, not like the old days where you hold that smoke in as long as you can. People like this woman are promoting weed (

Remember Farganne says to destroy free will the people have to do it themselves.

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Jim Stone Response: I have seen the effects of both the new and old weed on people and there is a huge difference. When people smoked the old weed, they could come off of it and be normal. The new weed does permanent damage. When people did the old weed they could still drive without being spooky. Not so with the new stuff, I have seen people forget where they are driving. And most likely, weed is now being legalized because it is becoming just as damaging as antidepressants. Once it goes GMO, that plant can be programmed to produce anything any totally corrupted bastard wants.

I WOULD AVOID POT LIKE THE PLAGUE. WHO CARES IF IT IS LEGAL when something is definitely amiss

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  • theunhivedmind

    There’s no doubt that the cannabis plant is a powerful healing tool given by God to mankind. What we have to be careful about is falling for the trickery of the Synagogue of Satan and the New Venice Empire. You have to look at who’s behind the big push for the legalization of all drugs and especially cannabis then ask yourself why? If cannabis is such a great healer then why would George Soros be pushing for legalization like he is? Well first of all we all know that cannabis could be far more accepted in the household compared to other types of drugs especially the harder drugs like cocaine and heroin. What you’re seeing is an agenda of stepping stones towards Soro’s goal of full legalization of all drugs including heroin and Cocaine. You can see the social programming in action especially over the last two decades. The goal of the SOS/NVE is to have a large percentage of the masses taking hard drugs especially heroin. The heroin they’re shipping into the West is far more powerful than the heroin of old. Why? They want to remove the stigma of heroin which is the injection side and thus by making it stronger the victims will get a stronger high from smoking the poison meaning less injection use. As the people start using heroin they become addicted and need to steal which aids further insurance and consumerism industries. The heroin then rips vital minerals from the body which brings about ill health and a much shorter lifespan. This is why you now see some predictive programming movies and television shows that make out smoking heroin is a normality. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the Mindbenders of the Venetian Arsenal came up with the idea of introducing a GMO variety of cannabis that’ll suit their agenda by hindering your mind thus cutting back any confrontations to the New World Order tyranny. The New Venice (Britain) Empire are the masters of the drug trade and you only have to look at the Opium Wars to get an understanding of this Satanic problem.

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