Tony Blair Desperate To Stop Glass-Steagall Leader

Tony Blair Desperate To Stop Glass-Steagall Leader

22 Jul 2015

“Jeremy Corbyn vs. Tony Blair” is the way the London Telegraph headlined Blair’s hysterical speech today against Glass-Steagall supporter Corbyn, who is leading current polls of the Labour Party by 15-17 points among four candidates for Party leader.

“If your heart is with Corbyn, get a transplant,” Tony blared to a London Labour meeting. Meanwhile, his lieutenants were deployed. One “special advisor, Darren Murphy, told the press that “Labour has become a suicide club” after Corbyn got 43% in the YouGov poll of Labour Party members, 17-30 points ahead of the other three candidates. Another “former special advisor,” John McTernan, called MPs who nominated Corbyn for Labour leader in Commons, “morons.” Blair, who “mounted a bitter attack on Mr. Corbyn” as the Telegraph’s put it, claimed that Labour would be “out of power for 20 years if Corbyn is elected” in September.

Blair is clearly desperate to prevent the emergence of a leader of the Party who publically called for a debt conference to write off Greek debt like the 1953 London Debt Conference which wrote off Germany’s, and who supports establishing Glass-Steagall in Britain as heavily debated in the House of Lords particularly in 2013. Corbyn and another Labour MP, Michael Meacher, sent messages supporting Glass-Steagall to the January 2015 conference of the Australia Citizens Electoral Council.

Tony Blair is both discredited and cordially disliked among Britons for the copious lying which characterized his 10-year rule, especially for the lies which launched the Iraq War. His angry attack on Corbyn could backfire. It is being accompanied, however, by a furious campaign against Corbyn in the City-controlled London press.

Jeremy Corbyn himself, who opposed Blair’s Iraq War and was instrumental in the Commons vote which stopped a Syria War, replied today that Blair has “a big problem: the Chilcot Inquiry,” which is investigating his lying conduct to start the Iraq War.

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