Tony Gosling says the Security Service (MI5) is incompetent and needs an overhaul

‘Britain needs to overhaul incompetent security services’

Wed May 29, 2013 4:46PM GMT

A British investigative journalist describes the UK security services as overrun with incompetence and vested business interests, without being subject to checks themselves.

The journalist Tony Gosling told the Russian English language TV channel Russia Today (RT) in an interview that the government’s plans to extend security services’ powers and surveillance capabilities after the murder of a soldier in Woolwich will not benefit the UK populace.

According to Gosling, Britain’s domestic spying apparatus (MI5) has kept tabs on numerous terrorists who have followed through with successful attacks, despite surveillance, without anyone stepping in to stop the perpetrators.

The journalist blames the Western intelligence services for having committed multiple criminal acts in the past, which in return, have fueled “this kind of sectarian violence which seems to be beginning here in Britain”.

Gosling believes that the UK government needs to undergo an oversight of the security services and make some serious changes in the way they are running their business.

“What these intelligence services [MI5 and MI6] seem to do every time is to hide behind the veil of national security: “We can’t tell you what’s going on”, said the investigative journalist.

Gosling also blames the UK authorities for pursuing an aggressive foreign policy instead of doing a job the British people actually want them to do.

“It’s not in our interests to be trying to arm Al-Qaeda and [armed terror groups in] Syria as [Foreign Secretary William Hague] has been trying to do in Brussels”, he said.

The British journalist, meanwhile, lashes out at anti-Islamic extremists in Britain, where he said “two weeks ago a man coming from Mosque in Birmingham was murdered and this got almost no coverage whatsoever”.

“We need to make sure that the security services are taking exactly the same sort of measures against the anti-Muslims as they are against the Islamic organizations. What they are trying to do is to demonize Muslims in a similar way the Nazis demonized Jews back in 1930s and it’s ridiculous. We’ve got to stop it. We don’t want that from MI5”, Gosling concluded.

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