A surgeon makes an incision while performing a caesarean section

Friday February 10,2012

MOTHERS who opt for a caesarean section could be harming their baby’s health, researchers have warned.

They found that the procedure did not help some pre-term babies who were small for gestational age and may have contributed to breathing problems.

The babies – often with mothers “too posh to push” – had 30 per cent higher odds of developing respiratory distress syndrome than similar pre-term babies born naturally.

The research was conducted by a team at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, and presented to the annual meeting of the Society for Maternal-Foetal Medicine.

It is the latest research to question the widely-held assumption that a C-section delivery has no health risks for the baby.

Expert Dr Diane Ashton, said: “These findings overturn conventional wisdom.”

Last year, it emerged that the number of middle-class women choosing to have a caesarean birth has doubled in 20 years.

One comment

    Please remember that these c-sections cause you child to have a low intelligence and a low immunity. This is why they’ve been made popular for such a long time now. Its all by design! All babies born should be checked over by either a chiropractor, osteopath or cranial osteopath.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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