Treasonous Nazi Martin Schulz wants a secret vote held by the dictatorship European Parliament

European Parliament wants secret vote

Sun, 10 Feb 2013 04:20:59 GMT

The president of the European Parliament has suggested that the upcoming budget vote should be held in secret.

Martin Schulz made the proposal on Friday. Regarding the budget proposal, he said, “More and more tasks and less and less money… the European Parliament will not go along with this.”

“Meanwhile, the leader of the European conservatives and reformists group, Martin Callanan, said, “If MEPs want to reject an agreement made by their own prime ministers then they should have the courage of their convictions and not try to cower behind a procedural technicality.””

At least 151 members of the European Parliament must approve the proposal in order for the budget voting to be conducted in secret.

Schulz said he already had sufficient signatures for a secret ballot.

Experts say that the proposal is also a measure taken by members in an attempt to secure their position ahead of the European elections in 2014. There is a concern that if the budget is approved, it would trigger voters to punish their representatives by choosing another candidate.

The budget voting is planned to take place in March.

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