Trend Micro censoring safe websites that speak truth

Dec 25 2014

I no longer recommend Trend Micro

I have in the past recommended Trend Micro’s PC Cillin because it is efficient and none of their programmers ever wrote to me (like Norton’s did) saying their product was intentionally rigged to breach security for the NSA.
However, Trend Micro might be worse because:

Trend Micro has flagged this web site as a malicious site that sends spams and viruses and then prevents computers from accessing. Since I have never sent out even a newsletter let alone a bulk mail and this site is hand coded and completely virus free, it is obvious that Trend Micro produces a political censorship product rather than a legitimate virus scanner.

Tell them what you think. I’d like them to know. This is slander pure and simple.

CB wrote:
Hi Jim,

I am trying to get to your web site but my virus and spam software blocks it. Can you shed some light on this? How do I get to your material?

My response:

what antivirus are you using? This would be good to know so I can take action for slander.

There are no viruses and I do not spam, and the site has a dedicated IP which proves it is slander because no one else can use my IP to send viruses or spam. It is slander pure and simple. There is no alternative, if they are blocking the site there is no way around it and it is willful knoweldgeable slander.

CB responded:

Trend Micro worry free product.

It comes up as malicious site. Let me know what you find out. If they are blocking it for ulterior motives then I will take them to task.

Keep up the great work. There are people that still give a damn.

My response:

I do not trust Norton, but at least they are not scamming people who are only trying to get the truth and therefore they are probably a better option.

Tell Trend Micro what you think about them rating this site malicious.

From home, click HERE. from work click HERE. I saw the site stats take a plunge over this, it is not casual and Trend Micro may have simply done this because they believed the liars at Web Of Trust and did not double check for any real threats. Tell them to do a better job and actually check what they are blocking, WOT is trash that is destroying their own legitimacy by lying about this site and perhaps Trend Micro got scammed by them. If you ever see a product like Norton put up a warning about this site, they probably also got scammed by WOT and will need to be notified as well.

WOT needs to go straight in the trash, they claim to be community driven yet have made it impossible for the community to fix this site’s ratings by not allowing the community to do anything but comment (they cannot vote to fix it) and lately it appears even comments are censored.

Wot is a proven fraud because they refuse to let the global community judge this site when they claim that is how they function and have instead simply disabled the option to vote and posted a lie as a “rating”. Reputable threat warning sites need to be warned about this behavior by WOT and ditch them, WOT is useless if they cannot function according to their own statements about who they are. Nobody wants a liar, WOT needs to go and hopefully Trend Micro simply ate the WOT lie without actually checking. I really liked Trend Micro prior to this.

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  • theunhivedmind

    Not one of the big name anti-virus systems is safe from the GCHQ and the NSA. Edward Harle helped to expose this fact and offered a true alternative to the mainstream nightmares. Since Windows has been around it has been riddled with NSA backdoors many of which are what hackers find so hackers are actually doing us a favour. Look back to the old Magic Lantern trojan by the FBI and how everyone allowed it to function. What is the answer? Use AmigaOS but as soon as you see a massive investment go to that OS when it becomes popular then you know why and it will be time to find something else ideally from Russia whilst using a soon-to-be Russian ARM processor from T-Platorms and the United Instrument Corporation.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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