TrewS ousts the Sun in sponsorship of newagents as Russell Brand fights the clan

The sun about to set on the Sun. #TrewsAwning @StartJOIN @maxkeiser @rustyrockets @start_coin

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This Is The Crowdfunding Campaign That Created: The Trews Victory Awning


This crowdfunding project is to have a custom made The Trews awning to replace the Sun sponsorship of newsagents near the New Era estate. The Sun never covered in a positive light the campaign to drive out Westbrook Partners. Only the Trews did and this Trews awning will make sure the people NEVER FORGET that the people have the power.

The PEOPLE can win:

Read about the success here.

“The Trews is bigger than the Sun,” says @maxkeiser from launch of @rustyrockets’ Trew Cafe.

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The Sun has mobilized this morning sending their goons to the Hoxton News site were a ‘re-BRANDING’ took place last night. They managed to strip away a part of the signage for Trews News but then were stopped dead in their tracks by locals. The media war in London gets into full swing!

“The Trews is bigger than the Sun,” says @maxkeiser from launch of @rustyrockets’ Trew Cafe.

— Stacy Herbert (@stacyherbert) March 26, 2015

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  • theunhivedmind

    Now see what people power can do especially when its tied to a ‘guiding star’? We need more of this to happen and stick the middle finger right up New Venice’s backside making sure we have long uncut jagged nails. Max Keiser’s wife was shafted by Rupert Murdoch and Piers Morgan who hacked her phone and now Max seeks his revenge just like Russell who was hounded by The Sun for aiding the New Era estate from robber barons. RT is the most followed media station in the world so look out Zionist Murdoch the days of the Khazar dictatorship are over. The propaganda empire of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers will soon be over and starting right outside the City of London’s front door at this first newsagent. I think it would be good if users of this website donate something to this cause so we can at least rid London of The Sun. I’m starting to think Max Keiser is a living genius when it comes to his ideas of combating the system. Too many of us are stuck in the old mind when we should be looking to the technologies of today where the people gain the power. This crowdfunding idea is one of the best ideas ever as long as we have independent sites like Startjoin and stay well clear of the censorship versions like Kickstarter.

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