Trump Repeating Ross Perot’s Old Trick to get Clintons Elected

Trump Repeating Ross Perot’s Old Trick to get Clintons Elected

July 24, 2015

(left. political enemies or allies?)

Pictures tell the story.

Americans crave a maverick “outsider”
who will set the country straight.

The bankers are happy
to oblige.

Trump is as phoney
has proven to be.

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by Dick Eastman

Trump is replaying Ross Perot’s old trick to get Clintons elected — phoney opposition to drain support from a real opponent.

Trump gave far more money to Democrats in the last three elections and he is very close friends of the Clintons. Just as Perot entered the race in ’92 and ’96, Trump will draw away money, volunteers and votes from Jeb Bush.

In 2016, Trump is drawing money and support from other candidates in the field, especially the one non-establishment candidate not under organized crime control (Ben Carson.)

Clinton or Bush it is the same organized crime syndicate. Look at the golf partners above — Rudy Guilliani, Trump, Bloomberg and Clinton.

Look at the picture from the 1992 presidential debate — not only are the three good friends and Council on Foreign Relations members, but George W H Bush actually nominated Ross Perot to the CFR.

The body language, the lack of tension in the debate proved the whole thing was scripted and staged. There was just enough Ross Perot to make sure that Clinton won, because the CFR and Bilderberg had tagged him to win, to transfer US middle class wealth to China through the international banks, Kissinger and Goldman Sachs.

In 1992, I was for Pat Buchanan — but I saw that Perot and Alan Keyes both were run to drain Republicans from Pat in the Primaries. I saw it then and even now very few understand it.

The winners always win through running phoney candidates chosen and packaged to draw off the support from the real populist threat.

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First Comment by Dan:

David Carroll: “the GOP needs to get it’s shit together right now, or ya’ll can start practicing saying “Madam President”.

I have been astounded how many people I know that have fallen under Trump’s spell just because he said some things they liked to hear.
Voters never learn. Ross Perot and Ron Paul and others said beautiful crap the common man longed to hear. These are not real contenders. Trump isn’t going to be President. He’s simply articulating the public rage which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans because he’s not in any kind of authority. It’s just HOT AIR.

The only causal effect of his rhetoric is to chase the Hispanics to the polls to vote for whomever strides on stage to tell them what they want to hear.

The public is always so starved to hear what they long to hear they’ll overlook what scum these people are just to hear it.

(This is Presidential material?)

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