Truth Sector Ebola Report Under Attack

Truth Sector Ebola Report Under Attack

October 16, 2014

Truth Sector readers and new website visitors are posting in forums and are sending me reports that the Truth Sector website and the ebola report are not online anymore or not accessible. This is not within my control because there’s ONLY ONE reason why these errors seem to occur more frequently.

They are attacking and HARDCORE CENSORING this site and especially my ebola report because it is already overloaded with hard hitting evidence that shows that the fabricated 2014 ebola outbreak is practically on par with the 9/11 and 3/11 false flags. Especially when we consider how the media – both mainstream and alternative – is standing shoulder to shoulder with the perpetrators in ALL governments and the United Nations, not that that should be surprising though.

Like with 9/11 and 3/11 not a single government in the world, let alone the UN, will ever step forward to call bluff on the 2014 ebola fraud as we see it expanding beyond any limits and the ride is far from over, I can tell you that.

They are purposely projecting the large number of anticipated deaths so they will be able to get away with any slaughter they will bring about in Africa and the west. Bank on it!

Whatever you do, don’t give in to their frauds and lies.

The Truth Sector website is not offline and the ebola report will remain online as well and I will keep it updated properly.

Continue to spread the Truth Sector ebola report, copy it including the updates, just link back to the original webpage.

You might also want to print it out (including ALL the referenced and linked updates and sub-articles) for yourself and hand it out in the streets. Considering the size it has reached so far the print version of the Truth Sector ebola report will be massive already. It’s a power pack of striking information that should be picked up by everyone ASAP.

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