Tunisians censure US media blackout on Muslim killings in US

Tunisians censure US media blackout on Muslim killings in US

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Tunisians take part at a protest against killing of US Muslim students in the capital Tunis on February 15, 2015.

Tunisians have staged a demo to protest the killing of three Muslim students in the US, denouncing the Western Media’s biased coverage of the incident, Press TV reports.

Students, politicians, public figures, and human rights activists gathered in the capital Tunis to slam the US and Western media’s biased coverage of the Chapel Hill shooting in North Carolina which left three Muslim students dead.

The demonstrators said that the way the American media dealt with the killing of the Muslim students was an insult to over one billion Muslims around the globe.

“The western media gave priority to the so-called experts, politicians, and intellectuals who marched with the assassin (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, while Muslims who are victims to an American terrorist are ignored,” said a young woman at the protest.

“Justifying a massacre perpetrated by an American extremist is a crime and a form of terrorism,” another protester said, clearly referring to some US media outlets’ approach towards covering the Chapel Hill incident.

Observers argue that the savage killing of Muslims did not attract the attention of some Arab TV channels while they attached more importance to last month’s shooting in France.

The protesters likened the barbarity of the shooter to that of ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

“Human rights cannot be dissociated according to a country’s interests; a terrorist crime must be reported as such. We slam the terrorism of the ISIL which burned the Jordanian pilot to death but we also condemn the killing of three innocent American Muslims,” a protester said.

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