Turkey supporting ISIL by bombing PKK: Analyst

Turkey supporting ISIL by bombing PKK: Analyst

Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:2AM GMT

Turkey’s recent bombing of positions held by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is in fact “de facto support” for the Takfiri ISIL group, which is launching attacks on a Kurdish Syrian border town near the border with Turkey, an analyst tells Press TV.

Jeff Steinberg, an editor for the Executive Intelligence Review, in Leesberg told Press TV in an interview on Wednesday that the Turkish government “went ahead and bombed PKK positions, which was in de-facto support for the ISIS (ISIL) forces that are laying siege to (the city of) Kobani.”

“The Turks want a no-fly zone; they want a secure area. In effect, the Turkish strategy is very much focused on the Kurds… They want to create basically the situation where the Kurds in northern Syria are given the status very similar to the Palestinians,” Steinberg added.

The comments come as Turkish warplanes bombed PKK positions in the southeast of the country in what the Kurds consider as a violation of a ceasefire agreement signed between the PKK and the Turkish government in March 2013.

The PKK is a Kurdish organization that was until 2013 involved in an armed militancy against Turkey for Kurdish self-determination.

Turkey also continues to block the supply of military equipment and reinforcements for Kurdish fighters defending Kobani in northern Syria against the ISIL militants.

Moreover, Ankara has prevented Turkish Kurds from crossing the border into Kobani to join the Kurds fighting to save the besieged city.

The United Nations’ envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura has warned that thousands of people “will most likely be massacred” if Kobani falls into the hands of the Takfiri ISIL militants.

Kobani and its surroundings have been under attack since mid-September, with ISIL militants capturing dozens of nearby Kurdish villages.

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