All Erdogan’s meals tested for fear of his life, personal doctor says

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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gets every meal prepared for him both at home and abroad tested over fears of an attempt on his life, his personal doctor says.

Cevdet Erdol told the Hurriyet newspaper on Tuesday that currently samples of Erdogan’s food are analyzed in laboratories in the capital, Ankara, and the city of Istanbul and during his visits abroad.

Moreover, the president is planning to build a fully-equipped special food analysis laboratory at his controversial palace to make sure of the safety of his food.

“It’s usually not through bullets that prominent figures are being assassinated these days,” Erdol said.

A five-member emergency team is also present at the heavily-guarded palace 24 hours a day to analyze everything Erdogan eats and drinks to protect him against radiation, chemical materials and bacteria.

“Fortunately, we have not had any serious incidents so far,” Erdol said.

Erdogan, who has been at the helm of power in Turkey since 2003, has been accused of increasing megalomania by his opponents.

He opened his 1,150-room grandiose palace (shown below) last year on the outskirts of Ankara, in a move that was condemned by his critics as an absurd profligacy. They believe the mansion is indicative of Erdogan’s further slip toward an authoritarian rule.

In January, the Turkish president appointed Ibrahim Saracoglu, a renowned professor of biochemistry and microbiology, as one of his advisors.


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    The reason I titled this article as I did is simply because Fethullah Gulen is handled by Jesuit Thomas Michel SJ. Everyone knows the Jesuits love the poison their enemies, it is their favourite method of horizontalization throughout history and it is known as both the Cup of Cantrella or the Cup of Borgia. Do a study into the Borgia (Borja) family of Spain and note how they were exceptional poisoners and then study how they were part behind the founding of the Jesuits and in fact were big financial backers of the Order through Francis ‘Lucifer’ Borgia the first true Black Pope. Now go back to the G20 Summit in Australia and note how Vladimir Putin left before the final dinner making sure he didn’t get the cup of borgia that day and avoiding known time tables to avoid other possible assassination attempts by New Venice who’re out to try to protect their Zeusian slave system from the Promethean BRICS Alliance.

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    Do you think the Borja family died out, or merged within another noble one?

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