Turkish President calls for democracy in Egypt

Turkey calls for democracy in Egypt

Fri, 09 Aug 2013 14:35:18 GMT

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has called for the engagement of all parties in Egypt’s political process and an end to violence in the North African country.

“The Egyptian people have almost been split into two camps, each of which is rallying dangerously against the other. This situation is worrying and unsustainable,” Gul wrote on Friday in an article published in the Financial Times.

The Turkish president also called on the Egyptian authorities to return the country to democracy, saying, “A quick return to democracy – which was the aim of the revolution – through an inclusive transition process, is of utmost importance.”

“At moments of peril, it is more important than ever to stick closely to the democratic path,” he added.

Gul further touched on the ouster of Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi and called it as a move against democracy.

“Unfortunately, the historic step towards democracy failed in less than two years. The coup that ousted Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, was a clear derailment of the country’s progress,” he wrote.
Egypt has witnessed non-stop demonstrations in support of Morsi since he was toppled by the army on July 3.

On Thursday, pro-Morsi protesters reaffirmed their call for his reinstatement and chanted slogans against army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Interim President Adly Mahmoud Mansour has said that more than 10 days of diplomatic efforts by envoys from foreign countries, including the United States, to resolve the crisis in Egypt had failed.

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