TV Actor Bill Roache raped teen whilst baby daughter was in the next room

Actor Bill Roache raped teenager while baby daughter was in next room, court hears

Woman tells court actor Bill Roache was “cold and calculating” when he raped her as a teenager

By Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent7:21PM GMT 16 Jan 2014

Coronation Street star Bill Roache raped a 15-year-old girl at his home while his baby daughter was just a few feet away in another room, a court has been told.

The actor was described as behaving in a “cold and calculating” manner as he forced himself on the teenager and took her virginity at his bungalow in Lancashire in 1967.

His alleged victim, now aged 62, said ever since the attack whenever she saw him on the television playing the character, Ken Barlow, her skin would crawl.

In a pre-recorded DVD played to jurors at Preston Crown Court, the woman described how Mr Roache attacked her twice in two separate properties he owned in the village of Haslingden.

She said that the first rape took place while the actor’s baby daughter, Vanya, was only a few weeks old and in another room in his bungalow.

She said the attack had left her feeling “shocked, ashamed and disgusted” and as if she was to blame.

During more than one and a half hours of evidence, the woman explained how Mr Roache had invited her to his bungalow before leading her into a bedroom where there was a double bed.

She explained: “I had no reason to hesitate going in. There was no reason to fear him. There was no warning about what was going to happen. I did not know what to do. I had no protection on – I was just wearing a skirt and T-shirt on top. We were not like the kids today – fashionable.”

She said the actor pushed her onto the bed, before taking a condom out of his pocket and raping her.

She explained: “I was just underneath him. He took a condom out because I remember smelling the rubber on his hands. I just remember thinking ‘ I want to get out of here.’

“I was so scared. I thought it must have been my fault. There was nothing to suggest it was going to happen. He just sort of pushed me on the bed instantly – straight away.

“There was no conversation. I did no realise what was going to happen.

“When I did realise was happening, it was too late. I knew he was going to try to have intercourse, which he did.
“He did not kiss me, it was so cold and calculating. I could not push him off because he was too heavy.

“It was very uncomfortable. I was panic stricken. I just wanted to get up and go home. It was very painful and sore.
“He was laid on top of me and he was huffing and puffing – the noise you would associate with heavy breathing, if you like.”

Anne Whyte QC, prosecuting, asked her: “That was your virginity, wasn’t it?”

The woman replied: “Yes.”

She said the second attack came some months later at another cottage Mr Roache owned in the same village.

She said: “It was a big mistake. Like the idiot that I was I stepped inside and before I knew where I was he grabbed me again.

“I was gullible. I should not have put myself in that position for a second time. Perhaps after my experience in the bungalow, whether I decided it was unlikely to happen a second time, I don’t know.”

The woman said that Mr Roache pushed her against a wall before raping her while she was standing up.

The woman said that she saw Mr Roache many years later at a baby contest that he was judging and he said to her: “Hello, I know you, don’t I?”

Miss Whyte went on: “How do you feel about him when you see him on television now?”

She responded: “It makes my skin crawl. I watched him on Piers Morgan and he was talking about his life history. It was said there must have been many women in his life and he was quite amused by it all.

“He looked so arrogant. He just laughed it all off and said ‘ Yes, I have had a lot of women in my life but I am not going to discuss my past.’”

Mr Roache, of Wilmslow, Cheshire denies five counts of indecent assault and two counts of rape against a total of five girls aged 16 and under.

The trial continues.

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