TV report highlights dangers of virtual reality ‘exposure’

NBC’s Brian Williams feature on Virtual Reality and Simulator Sickness with experts Kay Stanney, Robert Kennedy, and Tony Asch. Air date: Jume 29, 1996

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  • theunhivedmind

    I found that when I took a short look at a 3DTV in the store just for a minute or less that I felt queasy. Not only did I find this but someone else found I was acting a little strange for a while after viewing the screen which if I remember was some slurring of words or it could have been the feeling I was. Its been a long time but I will never use a 3DTV and certainly will never use Hololens and VR units. So take note of this video because it is very true. People with certain illnesses may be more prone to problems with VR units than others. If you have thyroid issues you may want to be careful and always try in small doses first and never long otherwise you could suffer. My advice is to stay well away from this technology. I suspect in the coming future it will be forced upon us to gain credits for so-called earning a living tied to blockchain like systems, virtual jobs for now virtual drone zombies.

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